June 8, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

This story is such an odd one, and so pregnant with implications, and was sent by so many people, that I have to blog about it. The problem is, I don't know where to start. So I'm including Zero Hedge's summary of the article as well, since it outlines some of the implications:

Dialing Up the Body’s Defenses Against Public Health and National Security Threats

Resident Evil? DARPA Unveils Genetic "Tuning" To Fight Chemical, Radiation Attacks

First in the list of things that piqued my interest in this story was the back-handed admission that GMOs might not be as safe as the GMO "agribusiness" industry would like to convince us. I've blogged endlessly about this issue on this site, so there is no need to rehearse once again what those concerns are. The USA's version of Nazi Germany's Kammlerstab, the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency - or as we like to call it here, following a suggestion of Mr. J.B., the Diabolically Apocalyptic Research Projects Agency - now wants to "genetically tune" humanity to withstand a host of ills, including, it seems, GMOs. Got your microchip implant? Good, then line up for your anti-GMO vaccine.

In other words, DARPA's approach is not to fix the problem, but rather, to buttress the defenses of the ultimate target, humanity itself.

The approach is illustrative of the out-of-the-box thinking that is a requirement at the agency (and incidentally, which was also a requirement of the Kammlerstab). Rather than indulge in high octane speculation today (after all, DARPA is already doing that at taxpayer expense), I want to propose a Gedankenexperiment, a thought experiment, for the purposes of illustrating the implications of what they're "up to." Imagine a situation in which the world is confronted with a whole plethora of thermonuclear powers, and not just the "superpowers" of the Cold War, the USSR and the USA. Back then, of course, we were told that the doctrine of MAD, or "Mutually Assured Destruction" was what kept the world from blowing itself up in an orgy of hydrogen bomb bombardments. Using the weapons would guarantee their use by the opposing power, and if the gigantic explosions didn't get you, the radioactive fallout would. Major wars were unthinkable because they were unwinnable, and movies like War Games with Dabney Coleman and Matthew Broderick drove home the point.

The nuclear club has expanded rather dramatically since then, with new thermonuclear powers, Great Britain, France, and China, joining the very exclusive club of nations that could with the push of a button destroy the world. Since then, other nuclear nations - Pakistan, India, and yes, North Korea - have joined the club, and they each have the capability of going for the "big bomb", the hydrogen bomb. Add to this list the list of "turnkey" nuclear and thermonuclear powers, i.e., nations with the capability to become nuclear or thermonuclear powers almost overnight if they wanted to - nations such as Germany, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Japan, even Canada and South Africa and Sweden and Israel and Iran - and you get the idea: in spite of the best intentions of the Cold War superpowers and great powers, the nuclear genie is out of the bottle and everyone wants "the Bomb." One recalls, in this respect, the satirical song of 1960s and 1970s political satirist Tom Lehrer, who complained of Alabama even getting the bomb at the height of the civil rights struggle. (And for reasons I've articulated elsewhere, I believe Israel, South Africa, and Germany have already joined that nuclear club and are not simply "turnkey" nuclear powers; and there's suggestive evidence that Japan has as well.)

This began the search for ways to do an end run around the MADness: for new weapons that could render nuclear bombs and ICBMs and bombers obsolete: Reagan's "Star Wars" was born, and the search for directed energy defensive (and offensive) weapons, for kinetic bombardment weapons or "rods of God", began. (and again, in the USA's case, that search actually began under Eisenhower. Reagan merely made it "public". Similarly, the Soviet search for an end run around the MADness began under Stalin.) Those efforts, I suspect, were much more successful than we've been told. After all, scientists working on elements of those projects back then had a disconcerting habit of dying under mysterious circumstances. Everyone then, as now, blamed the Russians for this, and viewed it as a last ditch effort to forestall Star Wars and save the Soviet Union from economic collapse. No one wanted to consider the Kammlerstab alternative that the scientists were murdered by their project overlords to "keep their mouths shut."

But there was another way around the MADness, and it appears, with this press release, that DARPA has finally admitted to pursuing it, though I don't believe for a moment that it is just beginning the effort. Indeed, if one follows the procedures of the Kammlerstab, after which I believe DARPA was modeled, or the procedures of Nazi Germany in general, such authorizations or announcements do not begin the process, the merely herald or acknowledge a process long under way. The V-2 rockets, for example, which rained down on London in 1944 and 1945, were under development before the war even broke out, so when Hitler authorized the program in 1942 by decree, he merely was recognizing something already underway, and prioritizing its development as the "proof of concept" had already been amply demonstrated.

So what is that "other way" around the MADness? In typical military fashion, it's to "harden the target," i.e., humanity itself, by making it impervious to the effects of a general nuclear war, to make it impervious to what are now lethal doses of radiation. The utility for application to manned space travel is thus also apparent. Indeed, there is suggestive evidence both from Israel and from the former Soviet Union that those countries were engaged in similar research, and may have found ways to reverse the organic effects of radiation, if not to reverse radiation itself, so to speak. The goal? To ensure that humanity itself survives amid the radioactive rubble, howsoever that rubble may have come about: hydrogen bombs, or "rods of God."

Put the two approaches together, and an even bigger picture emerges, because such an "impervious humanity" could conceivably or potentially survive directed energy weapon attacks by particle beams and so on through the simple expedient of medical nano-bots repairing cells at the cellular level.

The implication? Wars are "fightable" and winnable again, and that means, in my opinion, that "they" are preparing for "something."

See you on the flip side...