June 26, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. R.M. spotted this article and shared it, and I simply have to comment about it, because the document contains a few statements that just seem deliberately designed to provoke our trademark High Octane SpeculationTM. Even if they weren't designed for that, you know me, and I can't resist. Go get your coffee and cigarettes, let the dog outside, put on your slippers, because this one is an intriguing read:

This Is NASA's New Plan to Detect and Destroy Asteroids Before They Hit Earth

Now, before we get started, let's go back to Dr. Carol Rosin, and the "Rosin Affidavit". Dr. Rosin, as many are aware, has been tireless in her effort to head off the militarization and weaponization of space. The effort is praiseworthy: just imagine how much money is being diverted from needed infrastructure repair and construction, on fixing the airports, schools (we need to fire quite a few administrators and completely reform the system... but I'll resist the temptation to rant about Doctors of Pedagogiblither and Edubabble infesting the certification process)... we need to fix roads, we need to fix... well, pretty much everything, and militarizing space could be viewed as detracting from that.

But I'm also a realist: space is the new sea power; it is essential to financial clearing, to global trade, and eventually of course, to any permanent human and commercial presence, and where commercial interests go, the need to protect those assets also goes. And with protection of assets inevitably comes militarization and weaponization.

But this brings us back to the Rosin Affidavit, which, for our purposes in this blog, I want to review once again for those unfamiliar with its astonishing, and astonishingly accurate, contents. When Dr. Rosin first made these claims, she was denounced, detracted from, and in some cases made fun of and her integrity questioned. Nonetheless, she stuck to her guns and, in my opinion, has been profoundly vindicated over time. In 2001, Steven M. Greer, M.D., published an early release copy of his book Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History. Greer will be familiar to many readers of this website as a Ufologist and an advocate of "disclosure" of government secrets regarding UFOs and alleged "contact" with extra-terrestrials. The book which he edited is a compilation of affidavits from various people with connections to the government, or the UFO issue, or space, or in Dr. Rosin's case, all of the above. When I received my copy of this book, 9/11 had not yet happened, which makes the statements in Rosin's Affidavit all the more intriguing and thought provoking. So, rather than review that affidavit, I reproduce the central claims of that affidavit here. Rosin, after rehearsing her involvement with Fairchild Industries, indicated her involvement with Dr. Werner von Braun from 1974 until his death. We pick up her Affidavit at this point:

As practically a deathbed speech, he educated me about those concepts and who the players were in this game. He gave me the responsibility, since he was dying, of continuing this effort to prevent the weaponization of outer space. When Werner von Braun was dying of cancer, he asked me to be his spokesperson, to appear on occasions when he was too ill to speak. I did this.

What was most interesting to me was a repetitive sentence that he said to me over and over again during the approximately four years that I had the opportunity to work with him. He said the strategy that was being used to educate the public and decision makers was to use scare tactics... That was how we identify an enemy.

The strategy that Wener Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told they had 'killer satellites'....

Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. They we were going to identify third-world country 'crazies.' We now call them Nations of Concern. But he sad that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroid - against asteroid we are going to build space-based weapons.

And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. "And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie."


"The last card that was being held was the extraterrestrial enemy card. The intensity with which he said that, made me realize that he knew something that he was too afraid to mention. He was too afraid to talk about it. He would not tell me the details. I am not sure that I would have absorbed them if he had told me the details or even believed him in 1974. But there was no question that that man knew and had a need to know, I found out later.(Steven M. Greer, M.D., (Ed.), "Testimony of Carol Rosin, December 2000," Disclosure [Crozer, CA: Crossing Point, Inc.: 2001], pp. 255-256).

In the wake of 9/11, we have definitely moved through the "terrorism" phase, to the "Nations of Concern" phase (Iran, North Korea, Iraq), and, beginning in more recent years, an increased "pushing" of the near Earth asteroid and collision memes, and with the Chelyabinsk meteor, or the mysterious, and perhaps mysteriously diverted, Oumuamua comet being the two most "talked about." Indeed, as I've pointed out often on this website, the Chelyabinsk meteor incident was made the more mysterious by the fact that Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev had one month prior to the event talked about the need for a planetary asteroid defense system of international nature, to divert or if necessary "take out" threatening asteroids. If Russia could not gain international cooperation for such a system, then, said Medvedev, it would just have to go it alone and build one itself.

So we appear, definitely, to be in the "asteroid" phase of Rosin's affidavit, which has proven to be astonishingly accurate in its broad sequencing from "terrorism" to Nations of Concern" to asteroids.

In that context, then, certain things about the NASA statement jumped out at me:

Protecting Earth from incoming asteroids will be a huge job, but don't expect astronauts to do it, NASA said. "That's something relegated to the movies — it makes a good movie, but we do not see in our studies any technique that would require the involvement of astronauts," Johnson said, adding that NASA's proposed asteroid-deflection techniques "would all be done by robotic spacecraft." [7 Awesome Sci-Fi Movies Where Asteroids Threaten Earth]


In the third objective, NASA is asked to come up with new ways to deflect an asteroid heading toward Earth. This involves developing new technologies for "rapid-response NEO [near-Earth object] reconnaissance missions," in which a spacecraft could launch toward an Earth-bound asteroid and somehow change the space rock's course so that it no longer posed a threat. NASA had plans to attempt this with the Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) in 2021, but the Trump administration scrapped that mission in 2017.

However, ARM was not the only asteroid-deflecting mission NASA had up its sleeve. The agency's Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), expected to launch in 2021, will be "our first technology demonstration of the kinetic impact technique to deflect an asteroid," Johnson said, and it will encounter the asteroid system Didymos in 2022.  (Emphasis added)

Needless to say, the "first technology demonstration of the kinetic impact technique to deflect an asteroid" has me thinking in all sorts of high octane speculation scenarios. For one thing, it has me recalling those strange Chinese chemical plant explosions a couple of years ago. Certainly under the glorious march of socialism into the dustbin of history, a few chemical plants could blow up. But it will be recalled that there was speculation at the time that they may have been "taken out" by space-based "rods of God", i.e., by kinetic weapons. There was something in favor of that hypothesis, in that one chemical plant's explosion left a very deep crater. Then, before that, there was that very strange "sink hole" affair in Guatemala, with the nearly perfectly circular "sink hole" that appeared more as if it had been bored, rather than being a natural geological feature. That is, if the photographs were to be believed.

Those were highly speculative interpretations, but then there was the strange remark made by General Mattis with respect to the military "options" available to deal with North Korea, prior to the love-in in Singapore earlier this month. A reporter asked specifically if these options included "kinetic weapons," and Mattis' response was basically "Yes."

The upshot of all of this is NASA is now, basically, publicly admitting to the fact that it will launch a space-based kinetic "system" and test its effectiveness for diverting, and one can only assume, destroying, an asteroid. Thus, again, Dr. Rosin's basic claims in the affidavit seventeen years ago have proven to be astonishingly accurate.

But then there's this, which made me think of a whole other use of the "kinetic weapon asteroid blaster":

The second goal listed in the document discusses the improvement of "modeling, prediction and information integration" across U.S. agencies to help predict the probability that an asteroid will hit Earth and determine exactly when and where an incoming asteroid could strike. Emergency-management teams like FEMA would use this information to determine the best course of action when preparing for an asteroid strike and dealing with the consequences after an impact occurs.

There is a school of thought, advanced by Catherine Austin Fitts and others, that the recent California fires north of the San Francisco bay area, were not accidental, but we deliberately done to enable cheap property buy outs of the area, and that the fires were the consequence of the use of deadly exotic energy weapons. Indeed, there were some telltale signs of the presence of microwaves, and some unusual fire "signatures": home burned to the ground, while right next to them, trees, untouched, and unburned, an eerie scene reminiscent of Dr. Judy Wood's "toasted cars" on 9/11, and for me, a sure sign of unusual resonance effects. All of this gives the "deliberate burn out for cheap buy out" scenario some traction. The presence of US Military personnel in the area after the fires only make the treads on that traction much deeper. But why bother, I wonder - and herewith the second part of today's high octane speculation - with deliberate burn-outs? Just threaten an asteroid impact, and have everyone evacuated from their homes. Then fake the impact with some nifty kinetic weapons, and voila, a cheap buy out can be effected and populations can be relocated from "sensitive regions" under the guise of natural catastrophe.

Whatever one makes of that second speculation, however, the fact remains that NASA is now, in a backhanded way, confirming the existence of space-based kinetic weapons systems, and plans to test one for an ostensibly "benign" purpose. And in doing so, has once again vindicated Dr. Rosin's predictions.

See you on the flip side...