1. BetelgeuseT-1

    More high-octane speculation.
    Perhaps the Shoemaker-Levy asteroid impact on the planet of Jupiter in 1994 was their “pilot test”? After all, too risky to try out the technology here on earth.
    This impact was “prophesized” (Prophesy IS the fulfillment) i.e. predicted well in advance and was shown almost “live” on TV, with hundreds of telescopes around the globe pointed at the predicted area of impact.
    If this technology indeed exists and needed to be tested at the time, then better pick a large planet, so you’re sure you’re not going to miss.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Nations of concern>banks>asteroids>aliens?
    Wonder what city they’ve picked?
    Look for Wall Street “shorts” behavior
    in that chosen city, as prelude to disaster.

  3. Mother Shipton

    The Germans (ORTAG) got the contract from the Israelis to lob the meteor at the Dome of the Rock. They are calibrating their machines right now.

  4. Never mind asteroids! We only want to see Shiloh! She should be a pain feature on News and Views.

    GDS mascot!

  5. Yeah we need to see Shilo’ and to see his or her security clearance. I’m mean we do discuss high security topics here and we don’t want any K9 spies.

    1. BetelgeuseT-1

      Ha, ha, Downunder.
      Yeah, reminds me of Murray, Dr de Hart’s parrot a few years ago.
      Our fly on the wall, if only we could make him talk, which he did, occasionally.
      Anyway, great to see Shiloh make an appearance as the Canine Commentary Section.

  6. marcos toledo

    Shades of the fifties sci-fi film This Island Earth though comets were the weapons of choice used to attack the planet Metaluna.

  7. Thanks Joseph . . . and E.O. . . . and looking forward to meeting Shiloh in the vidchat tomorrow 😉

  8. (I could not view this Nefarium using the Firefox browser. I had to go to YouTube, download it with Video DownloadHelper, and view it with VLC Media Player.)

    Going along with the Carol Rosin scenario, there are ‘gradations’ within the Asteroid phase. If there is a ‘timeline’ to implement EarthGov (B5 reference), then stony asteroids will be used to ramp-up fears and generate early cooperation. Then, when the top Players judge the time is right, a nickel/iron asteroid will make it all the way to the ground. Where is up to them. This will cause a 9/11-like ‘call’ (carefully guided) to initiate EarthGov. Problem -> Reaction -> Solution…

    (The Alien phase will be interesting, because this may open the door for real aliens to say “Hi, there” rather than the concocted or ‘allied’ aliens…)

    1. I’ve grown bored with conventional reality so have decided to change the resonance enough to let in a select few alien potentials. Since no one else is psychically evolved or passionate enough to close it, get ready for a wildly exciting and entertaining experience. The door is opened and the vail lifted. Nothing mere humans need fear mind they behave themselves.

    2. In his Starship Troopers SF novel (1959), Robert A. Heinlein placed the one-and-only “Bug” strike on Earth (using an asteroid) into the city of Rio de Janiero. I was always curious how that city was selected. (RAH had a career that could be seen as covert Naval Intelligence…)

  9. Yep, IMHO, expect BRICSA block and possibly other countries to get hit with “Space Junk”( aka Act of gOD)… Especially, ones opposing certain Global Agendas.. Oh, post a pic of your new pooch.. If you are so inclined.

    1. And defense systems facing outwards can always later be turned inwards for total global enslavement. Beams from the sky disintegrating anything and anyone who even thinks for a spilt second of opposing them. Remember big brother is always monitoring your thoughts and day dreams. He knows when you are asleep or awake. And remember just thinking of doing a deed is the same as doing it in the eyes of your new AI god.

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