1. Robert Barricklow

    In the US the marijuana business is swimming in CA$H. The banks will not do business w/them.
    Enter crypto[bitcoin] by design?

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Is Switzerland at the epicenter of cyrptocurrencies?

      Is Sweden the first country to go cashless and first to go w/its own crypto currency; and first to issue first bitcoin short notes?

  2. Crypto currency is simply baffling to me. Its the first currency where you do not even get a coin or a paper bill or anything! You are supposed to trust the magical floating decimal point in the clouds? Thats insane.
    Try getting some $$ from a bank or pawn shop w/ NO collateral?
    Thats the problem w/ crypto’s, there is zero collateral behind any of this. It’s utter and pure BS – For those of you that are Jew haters (ala the Rothschild commentary’s, first of all? you can KMA – Secondly, once your done kissing my ass, you can stop being an ignorant fool and simply see the game being played?) If there is big $$ in crypto, then of course every Oligarch and Thug and Pyramidical swine, along w/ eventually the Federal Reserve will get involved._) [But being a Jew hater doesnt solve OR demonstrate anything, other than self failings and ignorance.]
    There can never be a currency that has zero collateral, one w/o the other renders it an impossible instrument.

  3. marcos toledo

    The Rothschilds are the pan-ultimate junkies don’t they have enough money power what more do they desire. It seems not their greed is bottomless they want more they and their ilk know no bounds.

  4. Anyone who believes this tripe that the Rothschild’s will relinquish their grip on the money supply needs to quit what they are smoking. They are the very definition of the deep state and trillions buy a whole lot of influence down to the local level.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Market manipulation is no longer an aberration.
    The market is the manipulation.

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