1. I was just reading about Musk’s Starlink satellite-internet venture. It occurred to me that having ~4000 small-sats all interconnected made an enormously redundant communications system…

    In the period just-before a major superpower confrontation, taking-out an opponent’s communications satellites (military or civilian) will be “Job No. 1.” Today’s capable-but-few communications behemoths will be ‘junk’ in a few minutes, through one means or another. But a 4000+ satellite “net” will run any satellite-slayer out of ammo, long before the net goes down. Think of it as a DARPA-internet in the sky…

    Given that Musk is likely to have been neck-deep in MIC ‘discussions’ and given that SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy and BFR rockets will have their de facto majority-use to loft Starlink satellites, it is easy to suspect that the two – cheap launches, and survivable communications via redundancy- are part of a whole. Pre-planned together, so to speak…

    So, I wonder if there is a piece of paper already drafted to place Starlink under Defense Department ‘management’, if push comes to shove…

  2. Robert Barricklow

    I reminded of I.F. Stone:
    All governments are run by liars
    and nothing they say can be believed.

    The line between the noble revolutionary,
    and a low down bandit;
    is the line between war & peace.

  3. marcos toledo

    Just wondering who do they expect to conqueror loot and enslave in space. Do they know of any new worlds orbiting other stars ripe for plunder ala the Americas, Australia, Africa here on earth and they are not telling us?

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