7 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JULY 26, 2018”

  1. Timing-wise, I expected events to kick-off as soon as the World Cup concluded. This visit could indicate that. Putin wanted the games to be successful, so he absorbed multiple insults and provocations. And now…

    My thoughts on the visit would involve Ms Merkel’s former career in East Germany. This could consist of reminding her of certain *ahem* files from the old days, or even just a heart-to-heart on whether things are better now than then. Since Ms Merkel will be at the center of the action – from Nordstream 2 to Ukrainian issues – this visit might be a last-gasp effort to sway her from ‘lackey’ decision-making. (And particularly on what would happen if the Donbass were to be invaded…)

  2. anakephalaiosis

    The whole point of an empire is, to prohibit bilateral agreements between provinces. Spokes are forced to communicate through hub of wheel.

    That is bad for local businesses, not being able to trade freely and expand. Natural trait of “non-pingvins” is, to explore fresh air beyond the armchair.

    Crux is, that unipolar world is just a dream, whereas the art of the deal is reality.

    1. “Spokes are forced to communicate through hub of wheel.”.
      Nicely said.
      Hub&Spoke topology instead of Fully Meshed (ICT terminology).
      The Cloud and Cloud Computing is all about creating a Hub&Spoke topology, where all communication anywhere on the planet goes through this central hub.
      And not only that, where all corporate & private systems are located in just a few data centres around the world.
      Giving total control to whomever is in command of all this infrastructure.
      “They” can turn off your business at the flick of a switch, or better said, the click of a mouse button, or key on the keyboard.
      Imagine yourself being in control of that.
      I compare The Cloud with giving your house keys to a complete stranger. Here you go stranger, come in any time you like, as often as you like and do what you want. You don’t even have to tell me you’re coming or what you did.
      I trust you, here are the keys.
      And then, one day, you’ll find the locks changed…

  3. Perhaps, as in the 1947 Eastern Bloc, the Germans provided the “boots on the ground” in the 2014 Kiev Coup, with those various neo-con clowns just being secondary characters. And might they have been the paymasters too through their banking-industrial complex? I’d bet that there are articles or books on this topic out there, probably in Russian and German….

  4. marcos toledo

    Let’s see Germany imploded Yugoslavia-Chicoslavica put Ukraine to the torch. Could they be behind the Catalonia secessionist movement given the thrashing they have given Greece and Italy it would be a possibility to consider?

  5. Robert Barricklow

    I like your analyses on the sharing of
    U.S. Deep State Russian intelligence w/Trump.
    Ukraine Nazis & GMOs are not welcome.
    Do or Dice dice are being rolled.

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