July 16, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, and sit down. In fact, you may need to pour yourself a couple of fingers of your favorite "adult beverage", because this one is a "whopper doozie". Mr. V.T. sent this along this week, and it went right to the head of the list for this week's blogs.


Well, because just when you think the last word had been written about the murder of President John F. Kennedy, more and more keeps coming out. Only this time, what just came out was found in that tranche of documents declassified and released on orders of President Trump. Frankly, I'm amazed that this little nugget made it past the censors, and as one might imagine, it does have me wondering about the implications, but that of course is a matter for today's "high octane speculationTM" which we'll return to in a moment. Here's the article:

Two U.S. Soldiers Overheard JFK Assassination Plans.

Here's the first stunning allegation:

Private First Class Eugene Dinking worked in Metz, France. He was a cryptographic code operator for the U.S. Army and in early November, 1963, three weeks before the assassination, he discovered something sobering, a plot to assassinate the President of the United States. He intercepted - or decoded - two messages, and the names he relayed all make a lot of sense today, a French/Corsican assassin, Jean Souetre, Guy Bannister, and William Harvey.

That was in  1963, but in 2007, former CIA majordomo, Howard Hunt, made a deathbed confession about the assassination to his son and mentioned two of those suspects. His son, quite unaware of Eugene Dinkin, scrambled to take notes and videotape his father. Hunt's revelation can be seen on Youtube today.

Returning to Dinkin, in early November, Private Dinkin was so concerned about his discovery, he had his friend mail a letter to Robert Kennedy. The letter warned RFK that an assassination plot was underway and would occur in Texas about November 28th.

Dinkin said that plans were that the murder would be blamed on either a communist or a Negro.

Dinkin had serious doubts his letter would ever each him, so with a jolt of derring-do, he deserted his post and made it to Switzerland to a UN press briefing room where he thought he might get better reception. The U.S. military picked him and shipped him off to Walter Reed to a psychiatric ward. He was confined for the next six months.

Trump's two released cables say Dinkin went to Geneva on the 6th of November with his story.

That was exactly 17 days before Kennedy was murdered. "Neither the FBI nor the Warren Commission ever investigated the Dinkin case," despite his clear prediction.

No investigation by Hoover's FBI and Dulles' Warren Commission? Gee, fancy that. Federal investigative agencies steering an investigation to suit a political agenda!?  Say it isn't so! But to return to seriousness: this revelation alone confirms my conviction that American history, from the JFK assassination to 9/11, is one big arc, with one thing in common: deep state corruption.

However, what it really of interest here is that a US army cryptographer was reading cables about the assassination in Metz, France. The question is, why? What does the Army have to do with it? Two potential answers present themselves (and there are many others): (1) After the Bay of Pigs fiasco, President Kennedy had fired the Joint Chief of Staff, U.S. Army General Lemnitzer, whom Kennedy placed in Europe as the head of NATO. Lemnitzer was definitely one of those in the LBJ-Dulles-Bissell crowd, and thus bore "grudges" and may perhaps be implicated in some fashion. This is, of course, pure speculation, as we are not told in the article where the cable was from nor to whom it was directed, but at the minimum, the mere fact of its existence indicate planning at a very high level, and as such, an "inside job." The cable also indicates, perhaps, that the decision had been taken to blame it on a "communist" (Oswald), and thus to place U.S. forces in Europe on alert should the aftermath of the assassination "get out of hand." This recalls the strange nuclear drills during 9/11, and the necessity for President Bush to reassert personal and direct control over them on that day. This high level of involvement brings us to point number (2): it will be recalled that the late Col. Fletcher Prouty made mention of the strange fact that local U.S. Army security and counter-intelligence in Texas has been ordered to "stand down" on the day of the assassination, when under normal procedures, local units would have been activated and been a heavy presence in Dallas. Prouty himself, one of the liaison officers between the White House, the Pentagram, and the CIA, was suddenly shipped off to - here it comes - Antarctica, to remove him from the scene. You may also recall that Prouty read of Oswald being charged on his return trip through Christ Church, New Zealand, in its local newspaper, before Oswald had even been officially charged with anything in Dallas!

But wait, there's more!

A second soldier peeks through Trump’s document dump too, and entirely independent of Eugene Dinkin, David Christensen:

There are two CIA documents on him which were released in April. Christensen was an Air Force Sergeant who was stationed at Kirknewton, Scotland. He intercepted a communication just before Novemeber, 1963 that an assassination attempt would be made on President Kennedy.

Little substantive information beyond this fact is given except that Kirknewton was an RAF base, which had a relationship with the CIA, which was using it as a top-secret listening station.

Christensen heard something he shouldn’t have heard, and he heard it in a top-secret CIA listening post. As you can probably guess, Sgt. Christensen, like Eugene Dinkin, was summarily “committed to a mental institution.”

One should raise an important question here as with all of these released documents: why were they withheld for half a century?

Dr. Jerry Kroth, author of the article, draws the obvious conclusion:

Two code operators, in secret American military installations, quite independently of each other - and both obviously with clearances - discovered chatter, decidedly secret chatter, about the coming assassination of the President of the United States. If taken seriously, it meant a deep conspiracy was afoot involving high level government and military plotters, not little Lee Harvey who was sorting textbooks in the Texas School Book Depository for $1.25 an hour.

Indeed, it implies - as assassination researchers have all along suspected - that there were elements, rogue factions, both of the military and the intelligence "community" involved in its planning and execution.

But why release these documents at all? Especially now? My high octane speculative instincts - and they're nothing more than instincts - tell me that someone is sending someone else messages, but who is doing the sending, and who is the supposed recipient? Related to this question is another: did these facts simple "escape" the censors, and were they thus released accidentally? Or was their mention deliberately intended to send a message? I suspect the latter of course, though time will tell just  what the message is intended to be and who the target is. Most importantly, was President Trump aware of the general contents of these documents when he declassified them, or not?

See you on the flip side...