July 13, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. G. sent along this recent article from RT, and given the timing, I have to wonder just what the heck is going on. But we'll get back to the high octane speculation - including Mr. G.'s own - in a moment. First, the article itself:

Earth must strengthen its defenses against mutant space bacteria – Russian scientists

The article notes an odd series of experiments performed in Russia with "space bacteria":

A Russian experiment called 'Biorisk' has revealed that various microorganisms from Earth were able to survive in the harsh conditions of space on the surface of the International Space Station (ISS). It was carried out starting in January 2005 at the Russian segment of the ISS and saw 68 different organisms, including bacteria, insects, vertebrate animal and higher plants, used as test subjects.

The mutated bacteria showed high aggressiveness and resistance to antibiotics on their return to Earth, the Russian report, prepared for the meeting of the International Committee on Space Research in the US later in July, said.

And it ends with a call for stricter quarantine regimes for objects returning to Earth (think Japan's Hayabusa-2 asteroid probe, for example):

"In addition, the danger is posed by terrestrial microorganisms that returned from space after visiting another planet and transforming in an unknown manner in its atmosphere," it added.

According to the paper, the Russian scientists are going to use the result of their research to develop measures aimed at protecting Earth form this threat.

Note that the Russian experiment is implying the possibility of these organisms mutating, or perhaps even combining with terrestrial bacteria to form new strains. This led Mr. G. to speculate that perhaps this has already been observed, or that perhaps it is already being engineered.

In either case, what is par for the course here is that the Russians have been calling for beefed-up defenses from asteroids ever since Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev's strange remarks about a month prior to the Chelyabinsk meteor incident, about which I've spoken much on this site. Asteroids certainly could be a vehicle for the "seeding" of such bacteria on Earth, unintentionally or perhaps even intentionally. This latest call appears to be part of that pattern.

But it's the timing of this that also intrigues me, for it occurs just a few days before the Putin-Trump summit is supposedly to occur. I cannot help but think that space matters, and planetary defense will be high on the agenda, but perhaps not openly talked about. However, there's another deeper possibility here. Let's recall the famous affidavit of Dr. Carol Rosin once again. Dr. Rosin, as most readers here are aware, was a one-time associate and assistant to Dr. Werner von Braun at Fairchild Industries. She has alleged in her now famous Rosin Affidavit, given to Dr. Steven Greer (MD) for inclusion in his book Disclosure, that von Braun told her that the plan for weaponizing space would proceed along a predetermined pattern of "justifications": first the Communists would be the target, and hence we needed weapons in space to defend against them. Then it would be terrorists, then "nations of concern" (think North Korea or Iran), then it would be asteroids (think Prime Minister Medvedev's pre-Chelyabinsk remarks), and then finally, it would be extra-terrestrials.

Given the accuracy of her prediction, made years before 9/11, and what has happened since, I cannot help but wonder, with this new focus on "extra-terrestrial organisms" (in this case, bacteria), if perhaps we are not witnessing the first slow indicators of a coming "change in the narrative" to get people accustomed to the idea of the need for space weaponization against asteroids that could be carrying more than just helium-3 or quadrillions of dollars of titanium, but also carrying, first "something" else, and then, finally, "someone" else.

See you on the flip side...