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On occasion I've been a guest on Mr. Bernard Grover's podcast. Listeners to those podcasts will recall that Mr. Grover has had some background with traditional Roman Catholic theology and ritual. He sent me an analysis of the Q-anon phenomenon that almost completely echoes my own intuitions, and hence I share it today:

The Gospel According To Q



  1. it always rains when its cloudy? no- i’ve seen the sun out while it rains ..but?- there are still clouds in the sky . no there is not .i see- a water carrier plane was leaking on its way to a forest fire over the hill.. limited hangouts in the art of relativism . water=liquid /ice /steam which is true ? which is good? is hope mind control.?.if powerful consensus contrived must be repeated and believed by our chosen and one can’t think for themselves if this be the paradigm of truth dictated by the collective . why not just suck on end of the barrel of a gun?

    1. I am in agreement with you on that. With that said, it serves a purpose. Even though I suspect it to be some sort of LARP, it has caused a massive “awakening,” as they like to call it, which is extremely positive. To me, the majority of the followers of Q seem to be millennial’s (voting age), which is also a good thing. Peeling back the onion and exposing a large audience, especially young voters, will allow them to be much more objective and possibly more actively participate in elections. Q has done a great job and bringing names to the attention of these followers and using repetition to make those names and events stick.

      About the only negative that I can think of with this whole Q Phenomena is that these masses seem to “trust the plan,” blindly. To me, that is as dangerous as it is foolish.

      1. I forgot to mention, Iran. Q seems to maintain an extremely hawkish position on Iran. This troubles me, and leads me to lean towards Q being an agenda driven controlled opposition. Cui Bono?

        Oh and the “Trust Sessions,” is also troubling. Sessions to me, seems weak, and has shown no interest in focusing on major issues. Rod Rosenstein seems to be the one in charge. I can’t even name another Deputy Attorney General off the top of my head, and this guy is in the lime light constantly. I just get a gut feeling that this whole thing is causing many to look left, when they need to be looking right.

        1. Robert Barricklow

          This has been the signature of past so-called puppet masters: they infiltrate existing organizations[the good, the bad, and the ugly]. They engender new organizations[Q]. In either case, they move them with $ , influence, and inside agents – toward the PM’s policy goals.

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