July 31, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

I suspect that as soon as Ms. M.K. and Mr. S.D. sent along the following articles, that they knew I'd blog about them. Well, here I am, blogging about them. Now, for those of you in Harvard yard or MIT, you're fully entitled to reserve me a first class seat in a rubber room on this one, because once again, like the goat that I am, i'm going to run right out to the end of the twig of High Octane Speculation on this one.  I might, and probably will, find myself like Wile E. Coyote, flailing away madly with all four limbs and making great progress, until I realize there is nothing beneath me, and plummet into the canyon below. The Observer principle in modern physics can be a bitch.

Capricorns speculating...

Now the two articles in question are these, one from the UK's famous tabloid, The Daily Mail, and the other from Russia's Sputnik online magazine:

Secrets of the Great Pyramid of Giza continue to unravel as scientists discover it can focus electromagnetic energy through its hidden chambers

Blast From the Past: Great Pyramid 'Concentrator' of Radio Waves – Study

Now, color me surprised. This comes a merely a near two decades after Chris Dunn's study, The Giza Power Plant, and almost the same amount of time after my Giza Death Star trilogy, in which both of us argued essentially the same thing. For Dunn, certain properties of the Great Pyramid suggested to him that the machine was designed to modulate acoustic information into microwaves.  I expanded the idea and elaborated a hypothesis that the structure was a coupled harmonic oscillator to the structure of local space. Either way, one has the idea that it was a manipulator of electromagnetic energy either as a primary or secondary function of its purpose. (Oh, by the way: to the good folks at the Daily Mail, the picture in your article is not the Great Pyramid, it's the other large pyramid at Giza, though people often get confused on that score.)

One must not assume that I'm chastising the Russians for being "late to the game" here. I'm not. In fact, as I pointed out in The Giza Death Star Deployed, the Russians were doing all sorts of classified experimental research into "pyramid power" during the Soviet era, research which only came to light after the fall of the Soviet Union. One of the people involved was Ukrainian physicist Dr. Volodomyr Krasnoholovets, who published some very interesting papers in topology with Michael Bounias, and whose work was made known to Great Pyramid enthusiasts by the American biophysicist, Dr. John DeSalvo's Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. And if you're familiar with the "psychic research literature," this program of research may have been based on the Czechoslovakian research of the late 1960s and 1970s that was disclosed in Ostrander's book Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.

So, no high octane speculation there. What intrigued me was this comment in the Daily Mail article:

Scientists have found that the famous pyramid can concentrate electric and magnetic energy in its chambers and below its base, giving rise to distinct pockets of higher energy.

This is accompanied by some graphs of the showing concentrations of energy below the structure itself, a feature which I particularly find fascinating, since I outlined in those Giza Death Star books a hypothetical case that the structure was deliberately designed to oscillate the Earth, and to project energy into it.  It literally "moves the Earth," an intriguing hypothesis if one grants Mr. Dunn's hypothesis that it was designed, in part, to modulate acoustic information into the radio-microwave end of the spectrum.

While all that was high octane speculation at the time we were advancing it, it now appears that it may no longer be so "high" in its octane, but merely speculation which, at this point, may have been pointing in the right direction.

So where's the high octane speculation here?

Well, I have to wonder about the timing of this release. As I outlined in The Giza Death Star Destroyed, the research of the Soviet era that was known at that time said pretty much the same thing as this latest Russian study. This latest study is adding some new details, but not changing the overall picture. But perhaps the Russians are trying to send messages with this latest release, the message being, perhaps, that they know a whole lot more than they're really saying, and they're producing the graphs and charts to drive the point home.  Now that I've crawled to the end of the twig, permit me to run right off of it, for I to this day find it intriguing that the two books of mine that have been published in Russia are precisely The Giza Death Star, and The SS Brotherhood of the Bell. Perhaps, indeed, the Russians are sending messages...

See you on the flip side...