August 8, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Do you remember the Philadelphia experiment lore? Do you remember how 1950s astronomer and Ufo investigator, Dr Morris Jessup's book was annotated by an alleged participant in the experiment, Carlos Allende a.k.a. Carl Allen?

Do you remember fake news? Do you remember Operation Mockingbird, the CIA's penetration of western news media? Do you remember the Chelyabinsk meteor explosion that happened in the same general time frame as the collision of an American and Russian satellite? Do you remember Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev's talk on Russian television about a month before the Chelyabinsk meteor incident? Do you remember how he said that the world should cooperate to build an asteroid warning system, but that if it didn't, Russia should do so anyway, destroying asteroids with thermonuclear weapons, or by "other means" (which "other means" he did not specify)? Do you remember Dr. Carol Rosin's affidavit in Dr Steven Greer's collection called Disclosure, and how she maintained that Wernher von Braun told her that the "plan" to weaponize space was first Communists/Russians, then terrorists, then "nations of concerns", then asteroids, and then finally "ET"?

Do you remember the missile launch, to this day not explained, off the southern coast of Nuttyfornia? (See Or how about the fake missile alerts in Hawaii and Japan (which I'm not buying for a moment)? Or how about this missile launch near Seattle-Tacoma-Vancouver (See and ).  I don't know about you, but the latter sure does not look like "lens flare" and some versions of this picture definitely show what is to my mind a missile.

With respect to the Washington missile launch, the US military is - perhaps predictably - denying it had anything to do with it, and is denying that local bases even have the capability to do so. Some have speculated that the launch was from a submarine. Some have speculated that it was the Chinese, others have entertained the idea that defective Chinese-made computer chips and hackers hacked into our military systems and launched the missile. Still others are entertaining the notion that it was a launch by the outraged party of Mr. Globaloney against the Trump administration in some sort of false-flag escalation event!

I don't know, but in the wider context I've outlined above, it definitely seems like "something is up, and it may be big."  American and Russian satellites do not simply collide, meteors do not suddenly explode over a major Russian city which, incidentally, is a center for Russia's nuclear research and weapons, and do so, almost as if on cue, a mere month after the Russian prime minister talks about rogue asteroids on Russian TV and calls for a world asteroid defense system, but if the world is unwilling to do so then Russia should just go ahead with a national system.

Well, meteors have exploded again - supposedly - over an American "early warning site", with a force of about 2 Kt (two kilotons), equivalent to a "small" nuclear weapon. And so many people sent me versions of this story that it would be impossible to mention them all, but to all a big thank you. Here's one version of the lamestream corporate controlled media's version of the story:

Air Force remains silent after huge meteor hits near US military base

There are several ways to interpret and speculate on this story, none of them too pleasant. In an era of missile launches that aren't missile launches but "lens flare", and that we didn't launch anyway (then who did? and how? and why?), or false alarm missile alerts in Hawaii and Japan, and so on, and given Operation Mockingbird and the penetration of media (and yes folks, that includes the "alternative media" too), then one has to wonder if the story is real at all.  How does one "check out" a story involving a missile impact in Greenland, after all? And yes, I'm aware that seismic data and so on has been collected. But then again, that can be manipulated in this era of Mockingbird and computer hacking.

However, if that is the case, then what's the motivation for planting the story? I would have to argue that it's to accelerate and drive the meme into people's minds that "we need an asteroid defense system" or as President Trump put it (and to paraphrase his remarks) another space corps.

But there's another disturbing possibility for high octane speculation, and it takes me back to my book Secrets of the Unified Field and the so-called "Varo edition" of 1950s astronomer and Ufo investigator Dr Morris Jessup. One of Dr. Jessup's books on the UFO phenomenon was annotated by an alleged participant in the Philadelphia experiment, and sent to the US Navy. The Navy took the annotations - which included references to the alleged Philadelphia experiment - seriously, and had special editions of Jessup's book printed, complete with the marginal notes made by the mysterious Mr. Allende. The company which did the printing was the Varo company of Garland, Texas, and hence this version of the book became known as the Varo edition of Jessup's book. Copies were allegedly given to various members of the Navy and the nascent US Space program, including (as I argued in my book) Dr Wernher von Braun.

What's intriguing about those annotations is that in one place they refer to an ancient cosmic war, and to the "great bombardment" using - you guessed it - asteroids hurled at targets. It's the "Varo edition" version of the familiar sci-fi weapon, "Mass drivers." Throwing rocks at planets appears again in Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and again in the second season of the scifi television series, Babylon Five. More recent versions of the idea are the "rods of God" kinetic weapons technologies that some assume may have been involved in the Chinese chemical plant explosions a few years ago, and that more recently were the subject of some intriguing questioning by a news reporter to General Mattis, prior to the summit with North Korean leader.

So taking the story as real changes the picture, and it begins to show the possibilities of a pattern: first came that collision of an American and Russian satellite some years ago. Then came Prime Minister Medvedev's strange talk on Russian tv a month before the Chelyabinsk meteor incident, and now after false alarm missile drills and what looks to be a missile launch in the Seattle-Tacoma-Vancouver area (and appropriate denials from the US military with the usual nonsensical explanations), another meteor impacts near a major American military base in Greenland, a base that, moreover, is still an early warning component of the American system of nuclear defense. So we have:

1) the collision of a Russian and American satellite;

2) an exploding meteor over a major Russian nuclear research city; and now,

3) a meteor impact near a major American military base (with no comment from the American military).

Now, real meteor attacks (or as Allende put it in his marginalia to Jessup's book, "great bombardments") can drive the "we-need-an-asteroid-defense" meme just as easily as can false news stories, and do so much more efficiently.  After all, it's hard to argue against that case if, for example, a city or town was erased by an asteroid, and since most people don't believe that the technology exists to throw big rocks at planets, it can all be written off to a "tragic act of nature" and the calls for "an effective asteroid warning and defense system" will skyrocket. Forget about the Russians. The real big money for the military industrial complex is in space wars. And the problem is the technology, for such incidents as the above three, if viewed from this perspective, imply that someone has a technology capable of manipulating gravity and/or magnetism in a specific way, a way that enables celestial bodies to be used as "rods of God." If this wild and bizarre high octane speculation is true, then the real question is, who is doing it, and why? If it's "us", then we're creating a false flag scenario to build out space weapons (and, oh yes, incidentally, hurl rocks at any disobedient regions on the Earth below, and perhaps anywhere else in nearby space). If it's not us, then "someone" is either really angry, or, conversely, "playing ball" with the mandarins "down here" to lock down the planet, or perhaps even getting us to build their weapons, using us as cats' paws against yet someone else. Who knows?

There are of course, other scenarios and speculations too.

My real problem is, I'm seeing the beginning outlines of a pattern here, and I'm not at all liking what I'm seeing.

See you on the flip side...