August 28, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

There has been another strange death of a "holistic doctor," this time, however, under more suspicious circumstances than usual, and there have been a wealth of such people dying under a variety of suspicious circumstances, and even of "regular" physicians who have also died, or in some cases, been murdered, under equally suspicious circumstances. But this one is more unusual than the usual "unusuality" associated with such deaths (if I may coin the word), for the individual in question, Aaron Traywick, claimed to have a cure for AIDS. (This article was shared by Mr. S.D.):

There is something looming in this article that I want to spend some of my high octane speculation on, and to share what may be high octane memory loss, or perhaps "misremembrance" (to invoke that term used to "explain" the Mandela Effect wildly out of context). My high octane speculation concerns the following from the article:

Aaron Traywick’s body was discovered “face down” in a Massachusetts Avenue spa room in downtown Washington D.C. on Sunday, according to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department. Multiple news outlets reported that Traywick was found dead inside a flotation tank.

While a police spokeswoman said no evidence has been found to suggest foul play, Traywick, a well-known health and lifestyle coach who was actively campaigning for people to take control of their lives and reject Big Pharma’s crippling products, joins the long list of holistic doctors and healers who have been killed in suspicious or unsolved circumstances during the past two years.


In an interview last year Traywick explained that “biohacking” refers to an individual’s efforts to alter their own biology by a variety of means including lifestyle and diet changes, surgery and the use of holistic, often unlicensed therapies.

However Big Pharma and mainstream media conspired to smear his holistic practice, and also worked overtime for years to persecute the Traywick in an attempt to drive him out of business.

Now, for those tracking such matters, there have been almost as many "mysterious doctor deaths" as there are dead bodies surrounding the Clintons or JFK witnesses who died in the aftermath of his assassination, which makes me suspect that the actuarial tables for such things happening by chance are beginning to approach the "vanishingly small" category. Nor, as has been noted, are these deaths confined solely to the "holistic" or "alternative" side of things. One need only think of the death in recent months of CDC physician Dr. Timothy Cunningham, for example. One might reach back to the 1960s, and also mention the death of Dr. Mary Sherman, the famous cancer oncologist working with Dr. Alton Ochsner of American Cancer Society fame. Dr. Sherman was an early pioneer in viral theories of cancer, until she was found dead in her apartment, the apparent victim of "death by particle accelerator"! (See Dr. Mary's Monkey by Edward T. Haslam). It didn't help Dr. Sherman that she was a friend, apparently, of David Ferrie, self-appointed cancer researcher, and a "person of interest" in then-New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's JFK assassination investigation.

But in the case of Mr. Traywick, the story begins to disturb for a few other reasons. A few years ago, I seem to recall - though my memory may be faulty here (it wouldn't be the first time!) - Dame Elizabeth Taylor made some headlines when she apparently endorsed what appeared to have been a successful cure of an AIDS infected man in Germany. Again, this is what my memory tells me, but I could be wildly off mark here, or simply "misremembering" things. But as I recall, Ms. Taylor made a few statements about this case in the media, and then the story, and Ms. Taylor, promptly dropped right off the internet media, and the story was never heard about again. As I recall, she took some flak for her interest in the story, because I also seem to recall she made or implied that "big pharma" was actively suppressing such therapies. And as the old adage has it, you only take flak if you're over the target.

As was said, Ms. Taylor dropped off the radar, and continued to run her AIDS charity until her death in 2011. In attempting with limited time to verify my memories of that story while scheduling this week's blogs, I came across this article on Ms. Taylor's charity website:

The article, by Felix Gussone, MD, is dated June 14, 2016, approximately five years after Elizabeth Taylor's death. It does, however, contain intriguing statements, which brings me back once again, not to my high octane memory loss or "misremembering", but to my high octane speculations:

3. The Once-a-Day Pill That Prevents the Disease

People who are HIV negative and want to stay that way can take a pill to reduce their risk of contracting the virus.

It’s called “Prep” and involves taking a pill called Truvada once a day. Research has shown this is between 90 percent and 99 percent effective at preventing HIV infection. Besides Prep, it’s also important that the “old school message” still gets out there: Condoms are the old-fashioned, but effective, way of limiting the chance of becoming HIV positive.

4. A Cure for HIV is Possible

The fact that we’re even talking about the possibility of a cure — that’s the eradication of HIV from the body — is a huge milestone. We’re not there yet but I think in the next 10-20 years, we’ll have a cure for HIV. The cure is the next step and nowadays, we are having realistic conversation about it. This is truly amazing to me.

But a once-a-day-pill is not a cure. It is, however, a financial boon to those making, and charging money for, the pill, especially if to survive one has to take one a day for the rest of one's life. And as a recent Goldman-Sachs study concluded, it's just not as profitable to cure people as it is to keep them diseased but "healthy". Cures are the last thing the modern "health care" industry wants. And that brings me back to Dame Taylor, that strange story from a few years ago, and my possible "mis-remembering" of the story, because in Mr. Traywick's case, if indeed he had found an actual cure, then indeed, that would constitute profound monetary motivations for staging an "untimely death," and as any criminal investigator knows, motive is a primary component in "who dunnit." There's no money in curing cancer, or AIDS, or anything else. And that's the problem.

As for Mr. Traywick, yea, to me it's like a mackerel on a moonlit beach; it both shines, and stinks. And as the article itself concludes:

It is time to recognize the extraordinary number of deaths within the holistic medical community for what it is – a purge.

Yup. It looks that way to me too.

See you on the flip side...