Dialogue is Out! Confederate Steampunk!

Members: See Dialogue 280 – Confederate Steampunk and Property Scandals

  • The Paladins & Confederate Steampunk
  • Temporal Communication
  • The Haute Vente Romaine
  • The Carbonari and The Mafia
  • The Priory of Sion
  • BBCI > Barings Bank > BNL Scandal > Bancopoli
  • Church Property “scandals”, Vatican II and Waco, Ruby Ridge, etc.
  • Maiming and Episcopal Status (Note: Meant to ask if maiming a religious leader can result in deposition, can it be a means of property grab, and why isn’t it used more often in intra-ecclesiastical and inter-ecclesiastical politics if the effects are so devastating on the person’s status?)
  • Deprogramming Groups, Intel, and Post-Truth Environment
  • Lusitania & Col. House
  • The Avignon Papacy