September 17, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

During last Friday's members' vidchat I indulged in some semi-on-the-record high octane speculations about the shutdown solar observatory in Sunspot, NM. Why did I do that? Well, some of the connections I unearthed and some of the speculations I just thought were, honestly, so far out that that blogging about them publicly would only muddy the waters, and while regular readers here know that this is a site for high octane speculation, I just thought that a public airing of them would get too many people going off the deep end. Already there are stories out there that the shutdown had something to do with UFOs around the Sun and immanent alien invasions, &c. Well, when my nose was to the ground last Friday, trying to sniff out as much information as I could, I did find a UFO connection, but it's not at all anything so sensational, nor does it involve big motherships around the Sun vacuuming up plasma from its corona. The connection is simply that the observatory was named after solar astronomer Richard B. Dunn, and Dunn did a stint at Harvard studying with Dr. Donald Menzel. Menzel, for those unfamiliar with the UFO literature, was one of the 12 people mentioned in the MAJIC-12 documents as having been on the super-secret UFO think-tank/study group Majestic-12. According to the yeoman's research by Stanton Friedman, Menzel was deeply involved in government black projects, and therefore, in spite of his public facade of being a UFO skeptic, Menzel would have actually been a perfect choice.

That, as far as I can tell, is the only fully verified UFO connection to the observatory in Sunspot, NM.

One of the things I noted in the original story was that when the FBI arrived and shut down the observatory and evacuated it, that people were seen around antennas there. And this led me to speculate that there may have been a piggy-backed communications system there, i.e., someone using the observatory's communications for purposes entirely outside the astronomical, from espionage to private unsuspected links in a private or covert intelligence communications network. This, really, is my favored theory for the moment, and my friend and colleague Walter Bosley weighed in on the subject here:


In addition to this, Mr. V.T. and Mr. F.L. sent this video actually taken of the site, with not one FBI nor any local law enforcement - nor anyone else - in evidence on the site... just one lowly drone:

Then there's this report, that the observatory was evacuated for "safety" reasons, but when reading the article, neither "safety" nor "national security" are cited as reasons for the closure: http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/09/whats-going-on-national-solar-observatory-in-new-mexico-evacuated-for-safety-reasons/

Assuming, for the moment, that either national security or safety were involved, it is highly unlikely that the area would simply be left unguarded, with only a tape for a guard, allowing the man and his son in the video linked above to enter freely and roam around, much less for the video to remain on YouTube.

This article, however, does mention security reasons, and that the director of the observatory is as much in the dark about the actual detailed reasons for the closure as we: https://www.kvia.com/news/new-mexico/nmsu-director-at-sunspot-solar-observatory-also-in-the-dark-over-sudden-closure/794573075

A key aspect here that seemed to dovetail with my "piggy-backed communications" possibility is the statement:

"I picked up the phone, called our people, and asked them to lock up everything and leave quietly and sensibly," said Dr. James McAteer, who also teaches astronomy at NMSU. "It was extremely calm. They locked everything up and they left."

Last week, ABC-7 broke the news that the FBI evacuated the National Solar Observatory and the USPS office in Sunspot for "security reasons." New Mexico State has four employees at the observatory and the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA) has around five employees, McAteer said.

"They are telecommuting," McAteer said. "There is plenty of work for them." (Emphasis added)

Finally, supporting Mr. Bosley's hypothesis of espionage, this article, like Mr. Bosley's video, points out that White Sands is visible in line-of-sight from the observatory:

Mysterious Evacuation Of Solar Observatory Overlooking White Sands Smells Like Espionage

In his Facebook commentaries, Mr. Bosley pointed out something that, while it does not disprove the "Chinese espionage" story, certainly seems to mitigate it somewhat, namely that electronic surveillance of White Sands could be conducted from spy satellites, which the Chinese certainly have, thus rendering a line-of-sight espionage effort both risky and redundant.

So for the moment, I am entertaining the following high octane speculative possibilities:

1)  The whole thing is a psyop, designed to create a distraction: there is something to be said for this possibility, for if safety or national security were the reasons, it would seem to me to be extraordinarily odd that absolutely no attempt has apparently been made to secure the site. It is totally and completely vacated.

2) There is a national security issue, but it has nothing to do with UFOs nor with the actual work of the observatory itself, but as I suggested in last Friday's vidchat, everything to do with the communications links at the observatory, which may have been utilized by some group or some nation to piggy-back a private and covert communications system on to that of the observatory itself.  The fact that the local post office was also closed might have some relevance or bearing on this issue, especially if the latter was being used as an old-fashioned "dead drop" for humint (human intelligence) that may have been infiltrated into the observatory staff for the express purpose of maintaining such a system. In this respect, it is extremely intriguing to me that none of the people evacuated from the observatory nor the post office have been heard from since. As vehicles are seen inside the compound in the second video above, one may surmise that perhaps the blackhawk helicopters reportedly seen on the site may not only have been used to inject FBI personnel on the day of the closure, but to evacuate the personnel to... well, who knows, but the local White Sands base is conveniently close. The silence of the observatory and post office personnel suggests that they are being kept under wraps, and perhaps undergoing questioning and interrogation.

So for the moment, folks, we're left with many more questions than answers. This is one, I suspect, that we're never going to learn the full truth, but that details will come out in dribs and drabs, leaving us to piece together the dots as best as we can.

See you on the flip side...

(UPDATE: apparently the observatory is scheduled to reopen this week! I've since heard yet another story about the closing, which may or may not become public, but let me go on record as saying if it does, I suspect it is a cover story.)