Yesterday I updated the Sunspot, New Mexico observatory closure with some more articles, all of which are questioning the emergent child pornography  narrative. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm not entirely dismissive of that story, and I hope to clarify today why I am not, and why I still think that the child pornography story is a cover story. Basically, I strongly suspect that the child porn story is a cover story, a convenient "crisis of opportunity" that allowed the raid to occur. My basic theory has been that the observatory's communications network was "piggy-backed" by another entity in some sort of private or covert communications network. Certainly, if the child porn story is true, this might have formed one component of a communications network in a network of such activity - child sex slavery, organ harvesting and so on - that by any accounts appears to be a global phenomenon. The global extent of the activities in turn requires a global communications capability of a covert nature. Additionally, under President Trump's Executive Order of December of 2017, such activities are defined as a national security threat, and as a consequence, the FBI's otherwise strange involvement in this case would be understandable. The contraindication here is that the FBI hasn't exactly appeared to be on the "side" of Mr. Trump in recent months.

The problem with the child porn story is that it does not explain other problems in the "coincident data set" surrounding the event; for example, it does not explain the nearly simultaneous shutdown of the live camera feeds from other solar observatories around the world. This has led to speculation that the whole affair was created as a distraction in order to take down those camera feeds because something was going on either near, or on, the Sun, that "they" didn't want to be seen. This view was fueled by videos making the rounds on YouTube and the internet showing alleged UFO activity around the Sun. While I remain skeptical of these videos, the basic thrust of the argument - that they were concealing something entirely different - cannot be entirely discounted. As one person put it to me, NASA currently has a solar probe near the Sun, and solar observatories would possibly be involved in its observation and coordination. Such a view does also explain the curious and alleged signing of non-disclosure agreements and the payments of cash - hush money - to individuals, as reported by Linda Moulton Howe.

Yet a third theory was that the closure may have been related to espionage that was being conducted from the observatory, which has a line-of-sight view of the White Sands range. Again, if true, the signing of non-disclosure agreements, and the paying of "hush-money" are easily rationalized in such a context.

Yet another problem emerges when one considers the reaction of the Otero County Sheriff to the whole affair, who is mystified at the FBI's behavior. In some versions of the story, the inhabitants of Sunspot were the ones who asked for local law enforcement to be present during the evacuation. The reason this may be significant is that part of the explanation for the total evacuation is that it was necessary to do so in order (1) not to alert the suspect and (2) to ensure the safety of the village inhabitants. So why would the inhabitants request the presence of local law enforcement to keep them safe if the FBI is already on the spot? In other words, the request suggests and implies that something about the FBI's presence made them feel unsafe. So let's continue crawling out to the end of the twig of speculation here: what if the presence of federal officials was not to take down a piggy-backed communications network, but rather, to remove one component using it (the child porn story), while ensuring the rest of it remained operative? What if, in other words, the raid was about protecting something, rather than shutting it down? Possible, but that too, has its problems on closer examination.

There is a further problem here with all explanations, both the official one, and the various alternative theories, and that is, none of them adequately account for the closure of the local post office. How does a local post office closure relate to a child porn story piggy-backing on the observatory communications? It doesn't, save for the "explanation" that "everyone" had to be evacuated lest the "suspect be alerted", which is part of the emergent official narrative. The problem with that narrative all along has been the whole FBI raid itself: suddenly showing up with a Blackhawk helicopter, and agents, is going to alert the suspect, unless he or she was a complete dunce. The only explanation I can find here that makes any sense is that perhaps the post office formed a link in that piggy-backed communications network of the "old fashioned dead drop" kind.

The one thing that has emerged from this whole affair, at least to my mind, is that all potential explanations, from the official one to the various theories out there, is that they all have one peculiar thing in common, and that is the idea of piggy-backed communications. It's the one aspect of this story that simply won't go away, whether or not one does subscribe to the official story. Beyond the strangeness of the observatory itself - which I highlighted in our members' vidchat two weeks ago - the piggy-backed covert communications hypothesis is the one that still makes the most sense to me, and thus, I continue to think there are more layers to this story than are being publicly admitted.

See you on the flip side...

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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. Westcoaster on September 29, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    Supposedly the houses were boarded up. Who did the work?
    And isn’t it strange they wanted EVERYONE off the mountain, including the local postmaster.
    Sounds to me as if something was scheduled to occur there they didn’t want the normal folk to experience. Or could be they brought in a crew with a higher clearance to witness something about to occur. I’m simply not buying the cover story since it’s oh-so “off the shelf”.

  2. Sandygirl on September 27, 2018 at 11:25 am

    3 minute video from Sep. 3rd. Goes to each of the 6 solar/space cams which are down. Australia, Chili, Spain, Pennsylvania and 2 in Hawaii. He also visits NASA.Gov – the SOHO space satellite is shut down for a few weeks.

    • goshawks on September 28, 2018 at 7:15 am

      Sandygirl, thanks for forwarding the video clip. I have carefully watched it. Unfortunately, I believe this author is spewing serious disinfo. First, the overall statement of closures is for “solar/space cams, ” not solar cams. Second, there are MAJOR problems with the ‘list’ he runs down:

      1) “CFHT-CC2 South. Temporarily Out of Service.” This is the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), located in Waimea (also known as Kamuela), on the island of Hawaii (The Big Island). It is a standard space telescope, not a solar telescope. CFHT-CC2 South is a Cloud Cam feed, used solely for determining the cloud cover south of the observatory. Nothing having to do with the sun. And, it is probably closed down during the day because, well, it is a night-time camera. So, being “Temporarily Out of Service” is not solar related at all. Strike One…

      2) “JAT Observatory. Buy this domain.” From their website: “The JATObservatory (JATO) was a small, privately owned and operated observatory. JATO was located in Fairless Hills, Pa. Unlike its large professional observatory brethren, that usually reside in high altitude clear dark sky areas, JATO was surrounded by a very light polluted residential neighborhood. … Visual observing via the eyepiece of the Sun, Moon, or planets was done on occasion, but it was a rarity.” From their Logbook: “7/26/2015 – The observatory has been disassembled and crated due to our move to Georgia. I am in the process of trying to donate it to a local Georgia high school.” 12/18/2015 – Well after 6 months, the observatory has finally been picked up by the Kennesaw Mountain High School science department. It will now be in storage at the school until it is ready for installation. I have offered to help them get it up and running.” So, JAT Observatory has been closed since 2015. That is why there is a “Buy this domain” listing on their (former) website. The video author is intentionally misleading here. Strike Two…

      3) UH Hilo Web Cam – Maunakea. Camera Offline.” From University of Hawai’i in Hilo, Jun 7, 2017: “UH Hilo Web Cam: Physics and Astronomy – Maunakea. This camera may be offline due to network or hardware failure.” Further at P&A: “Webcams No Longer Available. Unfortunately, our campus webcams projects have concluded.” So, it appears that the whole webcam system is either totally long-gone or is down periodically due to funding. Also, nothing having to do with solar, as far as I can tell. Strike Three…

      4) “ (The Open University) – The web page you have requested was not found.” From their website: “The Open University operates a collection of telescopes and other instruments on Mount Teide, Tenerife. Our facilities comprise the COmpletely Autonomous Service Telescope (COAST), The Physics Innovations Robotic Telescope Explorer (PIRATE) and an associated weather station.” These are both small space telescopes, not solar telescopes. See webcams: (Not solar webcams.) “The web page you have requested was not found” is a standard message simply indicating that a page has been moved or that you misspelled the URL. Nothing to do with a webcam being offline. Strike Four…

      5) “ Webcams not found on this server.” From their website: “The Southern Astrophysical Research (SOAR) telescope is a modern 4.1-meter (13 ft) aperture optical and near-infrared telescope located on Cerro Pachón, Chile.” These are space telescopes, not solar telescopes. See webcams: (As with CFHT-CC2 South, these are Cloud Cam feeds, used solely for determining the cloud cover around the observatory. Nothing having to do with the sun.) “Webcams not found on this server” simply means that the type-er requested the webcams via the wrong server. Nothing having to do with the (non-solar) webcams being down. Strike Five…

      6) “ You do not have permission to get URL/view/ index from this server.”,etc is the Mt Kent EDG building Camera, according to ‘Our Night Sky’ at users dot beagle dot com dot au/macqueens/ournightsky/links.html From Univ. of South Queensland (Australia) website: “The Mt Kent Observatory is Queensland’s only professional research observatory… The new facility accommodates the MINERVA-Australis telescope array, providing ground-based observations supporting NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission. … The new facility complements a four-telescope array which searches the northern-hemisphere, located in Arizona, USA.” This is a standard space telescope, not a solar telescope. EDG Building incorporates the control room for the telescopes at Mt Kent. So, the “Mt Kent EDG building Camera” is likely also a Cloud Cam feed, used solely for determining the cloud cover south of the observatory. Nothing having to do with the sun. And “You do not have permission to get URL/view/ index from this server” simply means that a non-employee/student does not have permission to access that particular page. I see that message any time I try to access a ‘private’ page. Strike Six…

      I did track-down that the source of the “solar/space cams” snapshot came from:
      reddit dot com/r/Qpatriotsfight/comments/9fn4nl/list_of_observatory_web_cams_offline_from_an/
      “List of observatory web cams offline – from an anon – 8ch dot net/qresearch/res/3009532.html#q3009751 ”
      This puts it in the middle of the Q controversy, for better or worse…

      • goshawks on September 28, 2018 at 7:55 am

        I forgot SOHO: The SOHO website-clip the video-author displays has “We are updating the code infrastructure… In the meantime, you can access the SOHO Archive Catalog here (a URL) and current solar data images here (another URL).” In other words, the solar feed was never down, as you could go to the alternate URL. Misleading…

        • Sandygirl on September 30, 2018 at 7:29 am

          Goshawks, it’s too easy to believe until you check the information out. And if course coming from reddit makes it suspect right away.. Always check information out. Thanks

  3. Verum on September 27, 2018 at 1:35 am

    If the portion of the story about the janitor or presumed dangerous individual is true, it is likely that this person was trying to blow the whistle and likely contacted authorities if what he discovered was illegal activity, intelligence info hub, or particularly anything associated with child pornography. The typical response to this exposure threat is to frame the informer to force him to shut up. Or worse.

    Great Imperium series that helps explain how this economy works – check out Vol II as well:

    In response to human trafficking and child crimes the International Tribunal on Natural Justice (ITNJ) was created…I’d heard very promising news about the Tribunal until I realized that Robert David Steele was Chief Justice. Granted, I have studied these child crime rings for long enough that I am very, very suspicious of just about anyone recently and publicly involved in their exposure. Far too many advocates are actually gatekeepers, particularly in the alt media and I previously posted about this here:

    Everything RDS states in this vid is accurate, according to the info I’ve dug up over the years. Now, this could also be suspicious as anyone with experience researching 9/11 truth knows–the gatekeepers present themselves expertly as champions of truth and revelations… until they don’t. And with his other dossier business, I’m highly suspicious of the guy. He’s also teamed up with Binney, whom I have much more trust and belief in. For now, I sit back and watch very closely how this evolves. But it’s worth a looksee:

  4. Pierre on September 27, 2018 at 12:10 am

    The dastardly organised criminal crime network syndicate – not to be confused with same Shabbatean Frankist Illuminati that controls the world with puppett governments and seeks to get to heaven via creating hellonearth and making movies like Little Miss Sunshine – uses sunspots to communicate, a bit like smoke signals. They have infiltrated all the worlds solar observatories so that they can now communicate in micro dots which are easier to set up there in the first place..they send the abducted Mexican kids up there in converted midget submarines (ala the blimps in Iron Sky movie) with water pistols and an English alphabet template.
    I am available for consulting services to the Government ,should they run out of tripe, by the way, honest!

  5. goshawks on September 26, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    I just saw the 9/19/2018 Linda Moulton Howe youtube “Solar Observatory Shutdown – Additional Content.” She had a short interview with the Otero Sheriff. The main thing I noticed was that she did not retract her research that the other solar observatories had nothing unusual going-on at the listed sites, as well as others around the world (see below). Only the Sunspot NM solar observatory was interfered-with.

    So, Joseph and LMH fundamentally differ on this very important aspect to the story. It would be interesting to hear Joseph’s ‘research’ as to why he states “the nearly simultaneous shutdown of the live camera feeds from other solar observatories around the world.” (Or, did Joseph just accept at face value the same email that LMH received?)

    (Repost yet again:)
    I just finished a Sep 12th youtube report by Linda Moulton Howe: “Why did FBI close down Nat’l. Solar Observatory in Sunspot, NM & local Post Office?” At 13 minutes in, LMH said she got an email on the supposed shut-down of other solar observatories, which did not make sense to her. So, she asked her friend and author Peter Levenda to investigate. He found nothing unusual going-on at the listed sites, as well as others around the world. Only at the Sunspot, NM site. So, ‘someone’ is spreading disinfo for whatever motives…

  6. Scarmoge on September 26, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    Hmmmmm. Wouldn’t it be interesting to compare a list of those at the facility prior to the “raid” with a list of those who return to the facility?
    After all, wasn’t it a simple phone directory listing that confirmed Bob Lazar’s being employed (in at least some capacity) at Los Alamos? A simple list might be very helpful here as well.

  7. Richard on September 26, 2018 at 9:22 pm

    . . . Despite the seemingly blundering politics at the top of the FBI and a few arrogant egomaniacal names one could name the Bureau is a first-rate law enforcement agency in the field and in the laboratory much to the chagrin of local Sheriffs and Police. . .

    . . . Personally, one remains cautious with any 1st Amendment privileges when commenting on matters of national security and local active law enforcement investigations no matter how they sound in a head line or by line so as not to be inadvertently obstructive of justice or inadvertently aiding the criminally bent who’s packing mobile wireless hotspots – they’re not just found at your favourite fast food diner or coffee shop. . . For instance, in New Mexico there is said to be several investigations going on regarding trafficking of children and one former encampment that was an Islamist training facility. . . Five encampment operatives were jailed for their actions the second time around since something wasn’t quite right the first time they met with law enforcement officials and the other occupants of the camp pending disposition. . . Once again, one suggests low-key operations are a good thing with the fewest in need-to-know positions despite acquiring a few annoying blurbs from the local constabulary, but then implying any insults aimed at local law enforcement is not good interdepartmental diplomacy, either, nor should they be tolerated. . . Seems there’s more training and resources to be allocated toward the law enforcement ends of communications. . .

    . . . There’s, no doubt, more to unravel since there were more than two dozen (probably more now and leaving out the “T” word) ‘front-cells’ back in the 1990’s located throughout the US before 11Sep2001. . . That was with slug-slow communications in comparison to today’s high-speed mobile applications and easily concealed wireless devices that allow a come’n’go like ease for the affiliated. . . These front cells are often indirectly and clandestinely associated with refugee services, migration strategies, sanctuary affiliated area services, and, of course, have used multi-media and social media access toward their goals in pursuit of political and economic gains using violence, intimidation, and recruitment of the young. . .

    . . . Ask yourself, “What could the greatest story teller in the world, a Chinese algorithm, do with, say, devising a narrative of persuasion on a hacked end device?”. . Perhaps, STUXNET (renamed) and on steroids aided by a peta-flopping adjunct. . .

  8. marcos toledo on September 26, 2018 at 6:26 pm

    Just wait for Chris Carter rebooted X-Files episode to explain this incident. The Truth Is Out There.

    • 8thdegreeofj on October 3, 2018 at 10:54 pm

      Marcos I’ll one up ya!

      The child-porn janitor actually worked at the post office in a concealed lower cabinet with Tommy Lee Jones as postmaster. Men in Blackhawk helicopters and suits swooped in and took control of the situation. The residents that got “paid off” were actually neuralized by Will Smith on the scene and provided with an alibi they themselves cannot explain. They truly can’t talk about what they don’t remember.

      Booyah! Hollywood already told us what was going on here…

      With all that Catherine Austin Fitts has contributed to the fake money system narrative, she must lick her lips thinking about how to track down where the federal reserve notes came from to pay these folks off (or were they?)

      The implications of the angle on Linda Moulton Howes reporting are intriguing. Did the FBI pre-meditatively bring suitcases of CASH to the scene?! And if not, then these people had electronic transfers made into their accounts which makes me think of CAF saying that so much of the bailouts money was never converted into hard currency. Therefore it can be squirreled away so much easier into black accounts. But that theoretically should make it easier to track down exactly where the money came from too…

  9. Robert Barricklow on September 26, 2018 at 11:18 am

    What you have here is what one had in 9/11, two FBI’s:
    one trying to stop the op; one keeping the op alive.
    Which one showed up in this op?
    The Sun is a major player enhancing the social op; which is being manipulated, as is the Sun. The Sun is first “changed” in some manner to effect the field; which in turn effects social activity?
    But something either happened unknown; or, was taken over by unseen forces?

  10. guitardave on September 26, 2018 at 9:34 am

    Pure speculation here ….my spidey senses keep saying this was not FBI, it was a deep, deep state crew yanking out there piggybacked com network…(pedos on the run…ala Q, and more priest expos). I guarantee these guys have a whole room full of “alphabet jackets” when its time to run an opp, no? Post operation, no one in the real agency(s) will fess up they’re compromised…( there is probably also a compartmentalization aspect to that, too.) The whole thing is just sloppy…is smells of desperation… some group with full access to helicopters and big hush money is one the run and about to be exposed. Hopefully.

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