1. reminds me of an interview of firas zahabi where he addressed the holes in sam harris’ perspective on life the universe and everything. amazing when philosphy majors make a living training fighters. anyway…

    zahabi puts forward the perspective that randomness is not a thing. it is simply some data outside our current realm of understanding. aka of even coming up with a model however flawed that describes let alone splains a group of data. so it’s gets called randomness. kinda like relegating all the unknown variables that give the lie to gravity-centric astrophysics theories as due to dark matter. or at least thats the way i remembered the conversation.

  2. Article: “Additionally, the paper claims to have produced an algorithm that ‘enables one to predict primes with high accuracy’.”

    I’ll bet the code-breaker types have jumped all over that one. (And the creators/users of ‘unbreakable’ codes based on prime-number factoring are sweating…)

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