1. Ever since I learned that Ma Bell had the ability to bypass the ‘off’ switch, I have treated any communications device as a two-edged sword…

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Humans once were the primary writers of the algorithms that determine what the data is/means. Now, that learning curve has shifted to bots engineering bots. To have lessons in learning like a bot is to wanna b… botamined.
    Or, as in the French version: La Botamized.

  3. Misleading title.. I was expecting aliens 🙂 People laugh at me when they see the little stickers on my phone over the camera(S) and microphone.. I’ve given up trying to enlighten them and free their minds. It just takes too much effort and at the end of the day.. I care less and less if they live in ignorance.
    Facebook collects your data and keeps sending it EVEN IF you delete the App from your phone.

    1. pretty sure every decent i.t. guy i’ve seen puts stickers over their desktop screen cameras. forgot which tech co bigwig was shown standing by his desktop and it had a sticker over the camera lens. and it was an article about eavesdropping and data gathering.

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