September 11, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Remember those articles that were talking about the strange movements from a Russian satellite, and how "everyone" suspected it was a spy satellite? Well, now France has chimed in with a definite oui! and accused Russia of spying on one of its joint Franco-Italian military satellites (this article shared by Mr. H.B.):

France Says Russia Spied On Military Satellite In "Star Wars" Space Encounter

The French Defense Minister, Florence Parly, accused Russia of being, well, just downright unneighborly:

“Trying to listen to one’s neighbor is not only unfriendly. It’s called an act of espionage,” Parly charged in a speech in the southern city of Toulouse on Friday“It got close. A bit too close. So close that one really could believe that it was trying to capture our communications,” she said.

Oh course, missing from the narrative is that everyone - including France - spies on everyone else; just as the folks in Silicon Valley what they think about industrial espionage, and if you think the Chinese are the only ones doing it, then think again, and think Vive la France while you're at it. And while Madame Parly was virtue signaling, one might ask what the Franco-Italian satellite was doing up there? Oh yea, it's just for operations, it's not for spying on anyone.

Now, Mr. G.P. also shared various versions of this story, including this one from The Guardian, along with his own high octane speculation:

'Act of espionage': France accuses Russia of trying to spy on satellite data

Apparently Madame Parly also stated on French television - in a clear and strong response to this latest provocation from Russia - that France was going to install surveillance cameras so they could catch the culprit in action. President Macron insists that France is and will remain a space power. Mr. P.G. noted, however, that what really may be going on is that this is one of those "crises of opportunity" for France and Germany to beef up their own commitments to the European Space Agency, which, effectively, is simply the "Franco-German Space Program", so that they can vie with each other for who gets to play Charlemagne in outer space.

Meanwhile, on the ground, it being the anniversary of 9/11 and all, there are little "possible impending false flag" indicators popping up all over the place. Recently Russia warned about it having evidence that another false flag episode might be int the works for another chemical attack by Mr. Assad, and is accusing the US of using white phosphorus bombs in Syria:

US jets strike Syrian town with banned white phosphorus bombs – Russian Defense Ministry

Then, Mr. P.K. sent along these articles of some recent assassinations or assassination attempts on leaders friendly to Russia:




Of course, it's entirely possible Russia might be behind these, in an effort to ratchet up tension and blame the West for them. With the evil-super-genius-criminal-mastermind-Vladimir Putin in charge of those always-byzantine-never-to-be-trusted-Russians, it's a possibility.

As Mr. P.K. put it, after all, what are the odds?

But I rather doubt Russia would do such a thing, for the simple reason they need all the allies they can get. And after all, what are the odds? Indeed, the assassination attempt by "road accident" on the president of Moldova, Igor Dodon, resembles the suspicious "road accident" of President Putin's advisor not long ago, killed in Moscow. At the time I was of the opinion that this may have been an actual assassination attempt on Putin, and I still maintain that opinion.

Ok, so where's the high octane in all of this? Well, it's just this: I suspect that all of these things may be related, and that the French satellite business may be a key... if there is coordination behing these assassinations, then there is also communication...

... and if Russia can establish how these covert assassination attempts are set up and gain an insight as to the communications structures behind them, it will have gained some valuable intelligence information, information that, indeed, it might choose to expose.

See you on the flip side...