October 15, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

Mr. P.J. sent this one along, and though it is full of a lot of technical terminology, the implications - especially for our high octane speculations - are enormous. It seems mathematicians have now proven that it is possible to modulate information into gravity waves just as information is modulated into electromagnetic waves to produce radio and television signals. Moreover, the wave structures involved, judging by the description in the article, appear to involve (here it comes) both longitudinal wave and torsion properties (where have we heard that before?):

Mathematicians confirm the possibility of data transfer via gravitational waves

Here's the center of their achievement:

Gravitational waves are waves of curvature in -time, which, according to General Relativity, are completely determined by space-time itself. Currently, there are reasons to consider space-time as a more complex structure with additional geometrical characteristics such as torsion and nonmetricity. In this case, geometrically speaking, space-time turns from a Riemannian space envisaged by the General Relativity (GR) into a generalized affine—metrical space. Respective gravitational field equations that generalize Einstein's equations show that torsion and nonmetricity can also spread in the form of waves—in particular, at a great distance from wave sources.

In order to describe , RUDN researchers used mathematical abstraction—an affine space, i.e., a usual vector space but without an origin of coordinates. They proved that in such a mathematical representation of gravitational waves, there are functions that remain invariable in the process of wave distribution. It is possible to set an arbitrary function to encode any information in approximately same way that electromagnetic waves transfer a radio signal.

If scientists can develop a method to incorporate these constructions in a wave source, they could reach any point in space without change. Thus, gravitational waves could be used for data transfer. The study consisted of three stages. First, RUDN mathematicians calculated the Lie derivative—a function that binds the properties of bodies in two different spaces: an affine space and a Minkowski space. It allowed them to pass from the description of waves in real space to their mathematical interpretation.

At the second stage, the researchers determined five arbitrary functions of time, i.e., the constructions that do not change in process of distribution of a wave. With their help, the characteristics of a wave can be set in a source, thus encoding any information. In another point in space, this information can be decoded, providing the possibility of information transfer. In the third stage, the researchers proved the theorem of the structure of plane nonmetricity in gravitational waves. It turned out that from four dimensions of a wave (three spatial ones and one time dimension), three can be used to encode an informational signal using only one function, and in the fourth dimension with use of two functions. (Emphasis added)

When I first read this, I was reminded of T.Townsend Brown's proposals in 1955, under his "Project Winterhaven" memorandum to US defense officials, to develop longitudinal wave signaling and detection systems. His reason for proposing such a scheme was that in his understanding, such waves propagated at faster-than-light velocity, and hence, any advanced civilization was far more likely to use such means to communicate on an interplanetary or even inter-stellar means, than by using the far slower "pony express" means of electromagnetic waves. The implication of that, if true, would mean that programs like SETI are either looking for the wrong thing, or that they are a form of distraction for "public consumption". Similar claims have been associated with Tesla's Colorado Springs experiments and have been made for torsion waves by a number of other people. This is not the place to evaluate those claims.

What intrigued me here was rather something very different that was implied by this article. The first is the implication that gravity waves - "planar" or longitudinal waves - are a form of information in and of themselves. Let that sink in for a moment. The implication of this, in its turn, is that every celestial body creates its own "gravity signature" due to its mass and, equally importantly, though neglected in the "school" physics we learned growing up, a "torsion signature" due to its period of rotation. This type of thinking led the physicists Gerlach, Lense, and Thirring to speculate on frame-dragging effects on orbital satellites in the late 1920s and 1930s, and in my own speculative attempts to "reverse engineer" the conceptual thinking behind the Nazi Bell project, to propose similar effects for that device. This leads to the second implication, for the interplay and interlock of several such systems would create a dynamic torsion effect, variable over time as planetary positions changed. The implication of this in turn is that if one views all these things as forms of information, then gravity might be viewed as a form of information entanglement. All this leads up to a zinger of high octane speculation, for it might thus be possible to modulate information into an entire planet, thus affecting the entire planetary field with that information. How to do this? Well, if gravity waves are planar or longitudinal waves affecting the rarefaction and compression of the lattice-work of space, then one way might be through the establishment of beat frequencies within a planet (think Tesla here), i.e., one way to do so might be through the use of a more commonly known longitudinal wave: sound.  An entire planet could thus become, in such a system, both a detector of such waves, in addition to being an antenna or transmitter of them.

High octane speculation to be sure, but it is rather exciting to ponder.

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...oh, by the way... did I mention that the cruciform pattern of churches and cathedrals is a three dimensional analogue of a tesseract, or hyper-cube? And what's in churches capable of creating lots of longitudinal waves and of using the building as a resonating cavity to "get a grip on the Earth" to quote Nicola Tesla? Just speculation, I know. But it's fun to ponder, along with that "intentionality" thing...

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