Well the opera that is the European Union vs. Italy just took another dramatic turn, and I don't think we're even into Act Three yet, which means the fat lady hasn't sung yet... Consider these stories:

Foreign Banks Are Embracing Russia's Alternative To SWIFT, Moscow Says

The European Financial Establishment Just Declared War On Italy

Italy's Salvini Requests Russia To Buy Italian Bonds When QE Ends: Report

4 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM OCT 25 2018”

  1. Joseph, Germany and the “Mark zone” is NOT paying for “spendthrift” Italy, but has drained wealth from the country due to the euro. And Italy also has a surplus with the EU. Germany is stuck with its own propaganda of “Germans paying for Southern Europe”.
    Now after Russia has said it would be willing to buy Italian treasuries, there is ANOTHER update: Frau Weidel, head of the “extreme right” Afd has joined the Eurocrats and banksters in criticising the Italian budget. She will be an uncomfortable ally for the “left” who call the Conte government “neofascist” due to its migration policy….

  2. Robert Barricklow

    SWIFT compet it tion is a sin.
    Italy is more interested in saving its economy; not the European Banks.
    Being Greeced for the EU frying pan is not to Italy’s taste by a long shot.
    No doubt Italy sees Libya as a prime example of what happens when a country tries to free itself from economic bondage.
    Italy has too many wise guys to get on the wrong end of a loan-sharking operation.
    The Orient Marco Polo Express via Russian/Italian/Japan high speed train is an out. One that includes Russian/China trade outside financial capitalism’s economic debt bondage. A EU FIRE[Finance, Insurance, Real Estate] sale that benefits the less than one percent; that isn’t even near copacetic.

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