October 16, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

When Mr. G.K. shared the article which is the subject of today's main blog, I had to figure out where to "file it": under Babylon's Banksters? Or should I create a new "Alchemy" tab? In the end, "Geoengineering" won out, for reasons that will become apparent when we get to the article.

But first, a little context. Many years ago I blogged about the discovery of a little bacterium that gobbles up lots of stuff and poops out... well...uhm... er... gold, giving perhaps new meaning to the old phrase "its poop doesn't stink." On the more serious side of things, I pointed out at the time that the little bacterium may have been behind the statements in many alchemical texts that it was necessary, in order to create the Philosophers' Stone, that some stage of the process had to involve - and there's no delicate way to put this - putrefying dung. There was something else that fascinated me in this connection, and that was the many stories about various forms of simple bacteria or even plant life that seemed to thrive in the inhospitable environment of cooling pools in nuclear reactors.

All that was needed was to find a form of bacteria that would gobble up radioactive elements and... well... uhm... er... poop out something benign and inert.

Well, those always-Byzantine-never-to-be-trusted-Russians and their evil-super-genius-criminal-mastermind Vladimir Putin-who-is-behind-all-the-world's-ills-and-conspiracies have found that little bug, if this article is true:

Russian Scientists Discover Bacteria that Neutralizes Nuclear Waste

Consider, for a moment, the geoengineering, and geopolitical, implications of the following:

Russia does it again! In another groundbreaking feat, Russian scientists found a way to neutralize nuclear radioactivity through bacterial intervention. This is exactly in line with their previous announcement about an industrial method pertaining to the transmutation of elements via biochemical approach.

The unique bacteria, discovered in a nuclear waste storage site in Siberia, shows promise as a tool for the creation of a natural barrier to the spread of radionuclides.

Researchers from the Moscow-based Frumkin Institute of Physical Chemistry and the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Federal Research Center for Biotechnology have been able to isolate microorganisms which can be used to safeguard the surrounding environment from liquid radioactive waste.

Scientists made the discovery while conducting microbiological studies of the groundwater at the Seversky deep radiation burial site in Seversk, Tomsk region, Siberia, where liquid radioactive waste from the Siberian Chemical Combine, which supplies and reprocesses low enriched uranium for nuclear fuel, is stored.

Their research, recently published in Radioactive Waste, a Russian scientific journal, suggests that the bacteria is capable of converting radionuclide ions, including those found in uranium and plutonium, into sedentary forms, thereby preventing the spread of dangerous radiation into the surrounding environment. Through lab experimentation, the scientists were able to fine tune the conditions necessary for the bacteria to carry out its useful work.

The researchers say their findings are a first step in creation a biogeochemical barrier for radionuclides for use in deep burial sites containing liquid radioactive waste.

What intrigues here is something the article does not mention. You might recall that a few months ago, the evil-super-genius-criminal-mastermind Vladimir Putin-who-is-behind-all-the-world's-ills-and-conspiracies made an offer to Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister of the always-to-be-trusted-and-we're-not-really-involved-in-a-secret-nuclear-weapons-program-Japan that Russia would lend its assistance to that country in cleaning up the Fukushima disaster after the earthquake and tsunami attack on that country purely coincidental earthquake and tsunami that hit that country after then US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' blatant threat measured warning that Japan would face dire consequences American displeasure if it continued to press for the closure of American bases in that country, such as the base at Okinawa.

At the time, I suspected as a matter of today's high octane speculation that Russia's offer was both genuine, and that it was based on some such technology. In other words, I suspect that the public release of the story of this discovery may actually lag behind the actual degree of Russian capabilities in this respect. Russia, like every other great power, does not parade its most advanced capabilities and secrets for everyone to see, and this may be the case here. The story coincides with rumors and stories that Israel may have discovered a means to combat radiation sickness in its early stages.

In any case, the geopolitical potentials are enormous, for if such a "bug" could be genetically modified to enhance its radiation gobbling capabilities, then this might mean that the one thing that has held the use of nuclear weapons in check - fallout - might be removed.

And that would make their use feasible, if one could protect one's own population from the radioactive fallout after-effects. In short, this bug may just have done an end run around the doctrine of MAD, mutually assured destruction.

See you on the flip side...