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Shiloh is skeptical...



C'est arrive!  Finally!  Thank you all so much again, still work to be done but I thought everyone should see it is finally here:






20 thoughts on “TIDBIT: C’EST ARRIVE”

  1. Congratulations, Dr. Farrell. I have a feeling that Shiloh will soon join you on the new instrument and becomes its additional pipe.

  2. OMGosh, she’s beautiful and will bring you many years of joy, Shiloh I mean.
    Congrats on your organ Dr. Farrell, enlighten your spirit and you can enlighten us.

  3. Congratulations Doc! Have lots of fun playing it! We look forward to hearing you one day!
    I’m playing my drums today !
    Chris in CO

  4. What a thrill . . . after all the waiting and frustration. It’s beautiful Joseph and I’m sure you’ll have many hours of blissful enjoyment getting hands, fingers, and feet back in action and bringing music back into your life 😉

  5. Firstly congratulations and very deserving. I hope this fills your home with peace and harmony.

    Secondly, some dogs are just human. Especially ones that ‘sit’ on a coach!

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