1. Guys, when talking about the “Secret space project” the funding source could almost certainly be coming from that $21 Trillion DOD and HUD can’t account for. Cathy Fitts has worked together with Dr. Skidmore and his grad students to flush out the truth with some interesting results. Greg Hunter recently did an excellent interview with Dr. Skidmore which I’ve posted here:

  2. I just checked the U.S. Patent and Trademark website by doing a trademark search. The actual application is for the word mark “SSP”. Not sure if that makes things any better or not. As I understand it, they will have to prove that they are the first to use it in commerce, and that will depend on how commerce is defined. You can view the trademark application at: http://tmsearch.uspto.gov/bin/showfield?f=doc&state=4803:aqluil.2.1

    1. There does seem to be some confusion about what the trademark request was actually for. I think SSP makes more sense, although as alarming, as other discussions that have referenced the request was: “disclosure”.

      I used to spend time on Twitter (mainly to advocate a specific but unrelated cause) until I was kicked off… and I noticed this past year an increase in dialogue surrounding “SSP” but with what appears to be a misuse of the term. And I have no doubt this is being engineered by opposition control.

      It seems there are components of the “Gaia” “experienced” “whistleblower” version of SSP that are preferable to the technological and historically-based presentation of SSP (e.g. the SSP 2014 San Mateo conference topics). I used to think this was because differences audiences evolve (or are culled…) who have different interests. But that seems to be more in support of controlled opposition agenda.

      Anyway, one of the twitterers seemed quite sincere in his characterization of SSP and admitted that perhaps he learned wrong. And several alt outfits picked up+distributed his info. I know a few are disinfo agents and it’s likely many others have no understanding of the more grounded SSP background like JPF’s research.

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