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Well folks, the physical installation is complete, and again, many many MANY thanks to all you donors who made it happen. Here are a couple of final pictures:



  1. It’s byutiful!
    How are the keys on those? Is it weighted or just like electric organ feeling light ?

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pics — so good to finally see it. Hope you’ve set aside at least a couple of days to explore this magnificent beast!

  3. At Last!
    We all look forward to Shiloh’s solo.
    I find those people looking down from the wall most interesting…

  4. Looks lovely & I wish I knew there had been a crowd fund …. would have been happy to donate… hope we get to hear you soon playing… I know this will bring you so much enjoyment & tranquility …

  5. This is great and I’m happy for you Doc.
    If I had known about the crowd-fund, I would have contributed.
    Pipe organs (virtual or not) are the ultimate musical instrument, IMO. Your webinar on them was great BTW. If my dad (being a former church organist) had good command of English he would have loved it.
    Hope you’ll start playing soon and will post some of your efforts on the site.

    1. BTW, my observant eye has spotted that the date on your(?) camera appears to be incorrect. The pictures are dated August 28th 2017.
      But what a magnificent instrument, a “vier-klaviers” as we say in Dutch, that’s about as good as it gets.

  6. Beautiful instrument, and a well deserved gift from your followers and readers. May you enjoy many hours of enjoyment from such a fine piece of hardware.

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