5 thoughts on “TIDBIT: “TRUST” SCORES”

  1. I still remember how an ‘intel agency’ was able to pull up an association cloud on any suspect in real time in the later “Jason Bourne” movies. I am sure that invasive data-collection is at the heart of this real-world capability. Apple is just publicly CYA-ing for data-pulling that intel agencies have been requiring of them (with a gag order, at the same time) for years, IMHO…

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Either your trusted
    or, your busted!

    Any semblance of ANY grey cells left thinking
    will not bode well for your trust scores.

  3. Big Brother is not only watching you but is listening to your communicating devices and reading the mail you send and receive. Country simple you have no privacy or freedom.

    1. And every picture you take of your cute little baby with your smart phone/tablet goes straight up to the cloud to be stored forever and ever, until needed.

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