There's a conspiracy theory out there about the Ukrainian violation of Russian territorial waters in the Kerch Strait and Sea of Azov. Joseph offers his own high octane speculation on what may be going on:

Here's The Saker's take, and then the conspiracy theory:

About the latest Ukronazi provocation in the Kerch strait (UPDATED)

Incident in the Kerch Strait - TTG

13 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM NOV 29 2018”

  1. First thought I had was: Another 9-11 ! Remember how the neocons (really, their handlers) speculated that another ‘Pearl Harbor’ would be necessary to forward their goals in a timely manner? Then, the Twin Towers were taken-down and the “We’re going to take-out 7 countries in 5 years” program swung into action – with the sheeple firmly propagandized and cheering it along.

    With the Crimean Bridge or colloquially the Kerch Strait Bridge ‘provocation’, it appears like the same Play was being made to provoke the Russian population. (Via Bolton?) Destroy that bridge, and the Russians will demand a response. Once the Russians move (militarily) on the Ukrainians, they will have fallen firmly into the Empire’s plans for them: “Oh, the terrible Russians!” I am glad the Russians headed that Play off…

    (And a side note: Mini/micro nukes have been hypothesized as being used in several places over the last decade or so. Within this background, use of a mini/micro nuke against one of the piers of the bridge does not seem that outlandish. If so, I wonder how they planned to emplace it?)

      1. you know once he gets control of the ukraine again, monsanto’s out and that bread basket will go organic.

    1. wow. the way poroshenko goes out is messy. i am clueless on how religious leaders played into this twisted game.

      and i thought getting my head around the irish protestants and catholics was tough. i even read the oxford irish once and watched “ned devine” and “everlasting piece” more times than i can count. and it’s still a mess. who’s gonna make the “everlasting piece” for ukronazi orthodoxy?

  2. That previously mentioned news and views is from August 18, 2016, its saved in my favorites in YouTube

    1. Yes Walking I noticed this mention of an appeal to Germany. In Germany, as in the UK, we will have to see which oligarchs will come out on top: Doctor-Jekyl-closer-economic-ties-with-Russia or Mister-Hyde-let’s-blow-the-Russians-to-Kingdom-Come.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    First read[well, speed read] the Saker’s take.
    Just as the U.S. is determined to maintain the Caribbean as an “American lake”; so are the Russians w/the Sea of Azov & The Black Sea. As far as “Nazi regime[s]”; in at least the beginning 21st Century, there are too many of them.
    – Now onto News & Views…

    1. Robert Barricklow

      No doubt the nuke story has legs/traction.
      Mainstream media distributers certainly don’t want these revolutionary legs/acts[aka truths] running around the globe. Mainstream’s lying pants would catch on fire. Too embarrassing.
      Reminds one of Cuba’s missile crisis w/Kennedy/Khrushchev. Many similarities.
      Where are the double O’s of both sides; scoping a few swastikas,
      when you need them?

      Has Bolton’s position in the administration disintegrated?
      I hope not. I hate to see crocodile tears galore, splashed across the world stage.

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