November 16, 2018 By Joseph P. Farrell

So many people sent me pictures and articles about this story that I want to start out right away by saying thank you to all of you who did.

You may have noted that this story is about Texas, Tesla, and Tesla's early 20th century Wardenclyffe project to beam power wirelessly by broadcasting it. And according to this story shared by Mr. V.T., the resemblance between a strange new tower erected in Texas and Tesla's scheme is palpable. See for yourself:


The claim by the company that erected this tower, Viziv, is that indeed they are experimenting in the wireless delivery of power:

Viziv surface wave systems utilize a long theorized but never successfully demonstrated terrestrial, electromagnetic phenomena known as the Zenneck surface wave….Our surface wave technology has wide-ranging applications for communications, navigation, and energy delivery. Low-frequency surface waves can propagate around the Globe from a single location with an until-now unachievable efficiency…Our surface wave technology has wide-ranging applications for communications, navigation, and energy delivery…Clean, safe and reliable, wireless power will bring valuable resources to parts of the world that don’t have consistent access to necessities like potable water and life-saving medical treatment. (emphasis added)

In other words, there it is: someone is reviving Tesla's wireless transmission of power, globally, in Texas, one hundred years later. The article also points out that Tesla's technology was literally stolen my intelligence agencies about 1oo years ago, when it disappeared. The article also alludes to the conventional wisdom why this was done: JP Morgan, a financial backer of Tesla's project, pulled the plug when he learned that it was for wireless transmission of power itself, and not just a fancy radio tower. He pulled it, so the conventional wisdom goes, because he could not meter the technology and make money from it.

This is where today's high octane speculation comes in, for I've always been suspicious of this explanation for Morgan's actions. Morgan stood to gain as much by licensing the technology and any appliances working from it, as he stood to lose by not being able to meter it or sell copper wires. So why did Morgan really pull the plug, and why, now, is the same experiment being done all over again, and in Texas?

Tesla himself may have provided a glimpse behind the scenes in subsequent writings about his project. He indicated, for example, that the technology would be perfect to compel obedience to a global political order: if a region were not cooperating, their power could simply be shut off, or, alternatively, he also subsequently indicated that it could be weaponized. There are some who think the explosion in Tunguska in Siberia in 1908 was Tesla demonstrating this capability. Whether that is true or not, I do not know, but the use of surface low frequency waves could have the potential, perhaps, to be used, via interferometry, to create devastating effects. After all, Tesla himself said after the demise of his Wardenclyffe project that with the right resonance, he could set up waves within the planet itself and split the Earth in two.

Of course, Viziv, like Tesla, is "selling" the technology for all the good it can do. Unlike Tesla, it's not mentioning the down side. So one wonders, why Texas? Why build it there? Well, this is the state, after all, that established its own bullion depository. Perhaps it's gearing up in other ways as well...

See you on the flip side...