1. I almost wrote a small piece suggesting the possibility of bond issuance to cover losses by PG&E yesterday as a way to cleanse the books of inflationary real-estate prices vs value in the market place–and to suggest a campaign to burn these “notes” using smart meters as a targeting mechanism. Well, now we see the outlines of the activity. The “scheme” was derived from the work of CAF and Farrell, to whom I will provide credit, but I was in the process of determining the signature which might appear to validate the relevance of the hypothesis when it magically appeared in print. The disaster economy using insurance fraud as the funding mechanism has now come of age, and the harvesting of real-estate has begun. Shall we soon expect to see something like the ACA for the real-estate market? Who knows, the legislation is probably sitting on someone’s desk waiting for the right opportunity.

    1. nice catch. thank you for the reminder about caf’s interview doc just posted. if the much depleted memory serves, moonbeam just signed into law some immunity thing for pg&e where they’re ok to bill their rate payers as needed to cover liabilities when they’re found to be at fault for causing these fires.

      kinda like vaccine companies that citizens are forced to buy from are immune from any damages incurred in taking the required vaccines. japan’s looking like a better and better place to expat to.

  2. making more sense. now how to apply foreknowledge to protect what little power we can exercise over our own lives. if nothing else i learned that when we get some lame sounding warning to be ready to leave our home on a moments notice that i do it in advance and secure everything as best i can first. especially flipping the breaker between the house and the grid.

  3. This appears to me to be akin to the mobster/mafia gambit: Offering protection so no ‘harm’ occurs. First, huge wildfires to demon-strate their capability, then the offering of an instrument to mitigate the ‘risk’. The key here is whether the losses due to fires go way down after the documents are signed and the up-front money is paid…

    Also, an interesting factoid from the article:
    Bermuda special purpose insurer Cal Phoenix Re Ltd…”
    Non-US-based. I wonder how that would play-out if some ‘true’ mega-wildfire exceeded the capability of the insurance company to pay. Would we get some “privatize the gains, socialize the losses” maneuver, ala 2008 ?

  4. This is a gullibility test. If they can pull it off as a “natural” event caused by a “power line failure”, they are home free. A deadly land grab with multiple profit avenues built in. An added bonus is all the families who will be financially destroyed by their loss of everything, including their employment.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Disaster capitalism at its finest.

    I’m reading Naomi Klein’s new book
    The Battle For Paradise: Puerto Rico Takes on the Disaster Capitalists.
    It’s Iraq on steroids. Instead of the usual military destruction; they used Hurricane Maria. The disaster capitalists wanted another tabula rasa, an island paradise.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      I fear this is where I fear the Trump card.
      in this privatize/grabitize public assets game.

  6. This would seem to confirm that there are economic interests behind the fires and the likelihood that arson is involved. And of course, the closed-system economic crowd is responding with yet another debt instrument instead of doing what would be obvious for a normal human being, such as investing in fire prevention and real care for the environment.

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