January 8, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Ok... this one goes into the Swamp Gas and Bovine Flatulence category for the most outlandish (non)explanation of a weird phenomenon to date. I'm old enough to remember that when the global warming/climate change hysteria was being ratcheted up, that one of the earliest (non)explanations for global warming was all the bovine flatulence producing methane in enormous volume at large cattle farms(not, of course, the flatulence emanating from the mouths of the globaloneyists themselves); they might also have mentioned the significant noise pollution that such involved, but I digress. Then of course there was the "swamp gas" explanation for UFOs. The Deep State aka Shadow Government/Secret Team/High Cabal/Mr. Globaloney (or whatever you wish to call it) seems to excel in advancing the most lunatic (non)explanations for things, and this latest one is almost the best one yet; it's right down there in the muck with the Magic Bullet, and doubtless we have only a short wait before we will be told that those always-byzantine-never-to-be-trusted-Russians and their evil-super-genius-criminal-mastermind-bent-on-taking-over-the-world Vladimir Putin have now weaponized crickets and are colluding with Donald Trump, the Mossad, and radicalized Muslims to carry out secret cricket attacks on US embassy personnel in the embassy in Havana, Cuba. Think I'm exaggerating? Check this out (and note, that the article which so many shared, is from Russia's RT website, and I just have to cite a great deal of it, because I could not contain my laughter):

Cue the crickets: Berkeley researcher finds Cuba ‘sonic attack’ sound is actually insects chirping

When US embassy staff in Cuba became mysteriously ill after hearing loud piercing sounds, US officials blamed nefarious secret agents for launching “sonic attacks.” But a new Berkeley University study could have proven them wrong.

The incidents, which occurred between 2016 and 2018, saw dozens of US staff at the embassy experience a range of health issues such as nausea, headaches, and vertigo and lead to the removal of the majority of the embassy staff from the island. It also put a freeze on warming relations between Cuba with then-US secretary for State Rex Tillerson “convinced” the attacks were targeted.

But now the theories that the notorious “Havana Syndrome” was the work of some Cold War-era conspiracy have apparently been contradicted by scientist Alexander Stubbs of the University of California, Berkeley, who this week published a study pinpointing the source of the mystery noise.

Presenting his findings to the Annual Meeting of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, Stubbs suggests that the noises heard by staff were instead from the echoing call of an insect, the Indies short-tailed cricket.

Notably, the cricket noise theory had already been posited by Cuban scientists in late 2017. Reviewing US evidence and recording their own data, the Cuban team suggested that the noises may have stemmed from the chirp of the Jamaican field cricket, an insect common on the island.

However, this was dismissed by Washington as the short chirp of the Jamaican field cricket did not match the abrasive continuous drone recorded by US personnel in Cuba and released to the public by AP.

By comparing the US recording obtained by AP with the unique acoustic signature of hundreds of insects, Stubbs found several similar to the recording but no perfect match. That was until he realized that US staff probably made the recording indoors, altering the sound of the potential insect as it echoed off the walls.

Rerunning the analysis again after playing the insect calls through indoor speakers, Stubbs found a near-perfect match with the continuous call of the Indies cricket.

While the Indies cricket is not native to Cuba, further testing with bioacoustics experts at the University of Lincoln (UK) found that the frequency of the sound pulses heard at the embassy matched that of the Indies cricket’s sound production.

It remains to be seen whether the discovery will see US staff return to Havana in the near future.

Now, you just know that this made the evil-criminal-super-genius-mastermind Vladimir Putin spew his morning chai  all over his samovar with (undoubtedly fiendish) laughter when he read about this in his morning presidential briefing papers from Moscow Center. And hey, just in case you still are not convinced that American quackademia has not completely lost its collective mind along with the rest of the USSA, it is to be noted that this study was conducted at the University of Nuttyfornia at Berserkley. Forget about all those "voice-of-God" microwave interferometry brain manipulation patents you've read and heard about; the recordings in the "study" conducted at Berserkley make it abundantly clear that Cuba's burgeoning black projects research world has weaponized the chirping of Jamaican field crickets. Our inside sources here at the Giza community tell us that Caribbean music is next on Cuba's black projects research list, so be very careful the next time you feel an urge to do or sing the macarena. And that troublesome cricket keeping you awake at night that you can't find? Well, it's either a DARPA drone insect, or the Russian equivalent thereof.

Seriously folks, it seems that the more obvious the technological playbook, the more farcical the (non)explanations become.

In short, they're rubbing our faces in their own BS.

Or, of course, there always is the possibility that it was crickets, in conjunction with that voice of God technology.

See you on the flip side...