18 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM JAN 3 2019”

  1. In case one might be interested #thedarkoverlord twitter account has been suspended.
    They are now posting on steemit.


    BTW, other than the Original report from MotherBoard (the original source for the Zerohedge article),so far there seems to be a severe blackout on this story so far on the web, as far I can see. (I’m probably wrong ).


    Also Motherboar published a foloowup article today:


    Motherboard.com posted a podcast discussing the hitory and track record of thedarkoverlord.

  2. remember silverstein trying to collect insurance twice since there were two buildings, two aircraft and hence two terrist attacks?

  3. My speculation is: we just anounced we are going back to space, notes are passed around at a funeral, I would guess with a dollar amount on them and then we have strange electrical things happening while we know that there are 13 energy weapons in orbit. Wonder if they will put the money back where it belongs.

  4. Also, a friend pointed out that Q-Anon “mentioned D-Day. The codename for June 6, 1944 was Overlord.”

  5. Hi all. Long time follower, first time…etc.

    In light of Joseph’s work re: the Nazis and the bell, I thought y’all might find this little observation intriguing, amusing, insane (or irrelevant) re: the Dark Overlord releases…

    Hash: SHA256

    This is the thedarkoverlord here to deliver a message.

    We’re now calling this megaleak, the ‘9/11 Papers’. Keep giving us cyber-cash for cyber-cache.

    We delivered Checkpoint 01 as promised, and now we’re taking it upon ourselves to dive a bit deeper into this 9/11 Papers Megaleak by releasing our official Checkpoint 02 release as we’ve now reached Checkpoint 02 due to another generous doner! Instead of choosing 25 random files from Layer 1, we chose 25 random files from the other higher layers. What’s in these files? We’ll tell you briefly…[/quote]

    Note the mispelling of ‘donor’ as ‘doner’.

    Intentional? If you’re tech-savvy enough to hack Lloyds of London, wouldn’t you also be careful enough to use spellcheck?

    According to Wiktionary (https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/D%C3%B6ner ) Döner (as in Döner Kebab) is German, ‘borrowed from the Turkish ‘döner’, which derives from dönmek:

    to turn
    to return
    to rotate
    to be converted to another religion.

    Probably just crazy reaching on my part, but it would have buggd me not to given the heads up.

  6. When the California fires took place, the first thought that occurred was why very little of the general public discussion involved INSURANCE. Although this was probably one of the first concerns of the people actually damaged by the events.
    Insurance investigators are, or were, reputed to be much sharper than any public officials.

  7. My thought is that this is a clever psy-op. Let me tell you my reasoning:

    First, there is the degree of danger to a small band of hackers. If there is anything of importance in the allegedly hacked files, the entire alphabet agencies of the world will be called-in to *ahem* ‘sanction’ this band. They would be identified and ‘gone’ within hours. The only way around this would have been to privately contact some bigwig and arrange some low-level blackmail, similar to settling-out-of-court arrangements. Once they went public, they had to know they would be handled “with extreme prejudice.” There is too much pain vs gain, the way the payoff-threat has been handled, for this to be credible…

    So, I am of the opinion that this is a state actor, posing as a hacker group. Suppose Russia or China (finally p.o.-ed enough at US antics) wanted to swing a 2×4 to get the attention of the bigwigs. They could not release any info directly, as it would be claimed to be ‘propaganda’ by US sources and the controlled media. No significant effect to the bigwigs. However, if you make up a shell ‘hacker group’ and 3rd-party the same info, that might strike home. And there is no (real) danger to that group…

    1. I was thinking along the same lines.

      On the other hand, proxy wars, even in the cyber battle front, are safer and allow a certain amount of deniability by other state actors. Messages are being sent, and the source (at least publicly) seems to have covered their tracks pretty well. I wonder do China or Russia have any “moles” within certain hacker group(s) who conveniently leave behind phony breadcrumbs? Cat and mouse.

  8. Just another revenue stream for the black projects world and its breakaway uncivilized group. “Dark Overloard” indeed, LOL…

  9. This looks like a NSA op to me – perhaps a gambit in a plan to fulfill Trump’s pledge to re-open the 9/11 investigation?

  10. anakephalaiosis

    It is normal for barristers to leak their client accounts, when receiving better offer.

    Once I proved masonic perjury in Norway, and consequently court protocol disappeared.

    In kangaroo courts, law of jungle applies. Dehumanizing the lion makes paw show claw.

  11. Robert Barricklow

    Perhaps some insiders[or those close enough to steal from them] have decided to both turn the screws on their former employers and make some hay doing so?
    No doubt the hunt is on for those players daring to tread where none dare, and/or live to tell.

  12. This I believe is the tip of an iceberg of corruption ironic the system that was created to steal money on an industrial scale is been turned on its creators.

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