January 16, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Remember that Dark Overlord hack of emails claiming information about 9/11? The hacking group claims to have uncovered a "treasure trove" of information about insurance company lawsuits regarding 9/11, which it would release to people paying the ransom (in Bitcoins). Well, a second tranche of emails has been released, and Russia, it seems (if no one else), is paying attention. Mr. V.T., Mr. T.H., and Mr. G.B. found these articles:

‘More truth’? Second cache of 9/11 docs released by Dark Overlord hackers

Cybersecurity Expert on Dark Overlord's 9/11 Data: It Might Paint Bigger Picture

When I first blogged about this emerging story, I held out the view that this could be a significant development, in spite of the fact that the information in the first layer of releases did not seem all that significant. A peculiarity of the story is that while the hack seems to have been done by "professionals," the platform - Windows - left many cyber-security people mystified. What I find intriguing is that Russian media, as exemplified by the Sputnik and RT articles linked above, seems to be the only major media still paying attention. The question is, why? We'll get back to that.

But first, consider the interesting interpretation offered by Gary Miliefsky in the Sputnik interview:

Sputnik: Some guests have been saying that the fact that it is insurance companies might make it interesting, in that they tend to ask questions, that the lawyers ask questions that might be rather interesting.

Gary Miliefsky: Yes, you see the insurance companies who paid out claims, then filed these alternative lawsuits where they're saying we want to get paid back. Let's say there was a manufacturing defect in a car and your insurance company covered it for you, they may go after the car manufacturer. So these documents are very similar in that they're showing insurance companies trying to recoup their losses for payments for 9/11, and in the recouping of their losses, the questions that will be uncovered are "who did they sue?", "why did they sue them?", "what information was uncovered in these lawsuits?", "did they get their money back and who paid them?".

Sputnik: How valuable is the data released by the hackers?

Gary Miliefsky: It seems extremely valuable and I think that if continued layers come out, it will start to paint a post-9/11 picture of how huge claims are paid and reimbursed, and what parties are involved, there're a lot of big names in these documents.

Sputnik: Will it provide the public with more information that will differ from what we know about 9/11?

Gary Miliefsky: It might paint a bigger picture and it may provide some alternative information or some newer pieces of data that was (sic) never before made public, for whatever reason. (Italicized emphasis added)

So what's the message, if indeed there is one? This is where it gets interesting, and it may shed some light on why Russia is covering this story, when no one else seems interested (or, if they are interested, why they might be "prohibited" from doing so). Russia, as I outlined in my 9/11 book, Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery, was one of those nations - along with Germany, Israel, Jordan, &c - that was passing warnings to the USA that something drastic was about to happen on American soil. In fact, it was Russia that not only passed along confidential warnings, but wrote openly about the possibility prior to the attacks. In July  of 2001, Pravda ran an article by the Russian economist Dr. Tatyana Koriagina, who stated that America would be attacked on its own soil, but that the attack would come from a "network" of a very few people with assets in the trillions of dollars. That information was first uncovered by the late Jim Marrs, who duly reported it in his books about 9/11. Again, Russian Federation President Putin was the one world leader that G.H. Bush contacted that day. Since that event, Russia has sent other messages which few are paying attention to, like Sergei Glazyev's warning that Russia's problems weren't really the "Nazis in Kiev, but the Nazis in Washington."

The mere fact that Russia was warning of the attacks prior to their occurrence means that Russia is watching Dr. Koriagina's "group" closely; and that means, quite simply, that Russia "knows something" which, for whatever reason, it is not saying, but rather, dropping "hints" and "clues" from time to time, not the least of which in my opinion are Mr. Putin's constant challenges to the dogmas of globaloneyism and his constant use of the word "partners" in reference to the Western Powers, a word for which he is often challenged in Russia for being "too weak" and "appeasing" to the West. But Mr. Putin's choice of this word is, if nothing else, an assertion of his central point: Russia will not be a subsidiary or a franchise of the western financial hustlers; it will be a full and sovereign equal. In the context of the remarks in Sputnik, another message is being sent: there is real information in those documents capable of painting a "bigger picture" and of providing "alternative information or newer pieces of data," with the added tidbit that "there're a lot of big names in these documents."

So what's my high octane best speculative guess? Russia already knows what's in those documents, and it does not want the story to die in the hopes that that information will come out, which saves it the difficulty of having to reveal it itself. And of course, there's always the possibility that there is some sort of connection between Russia and the Dark Overlord hackers.

See you on the flip side...