February 5, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Just when you thought that there could not possibly by any more stories of high strangeness coming out of Antarctica, something comes along to ignite the speculative imagination, and today's story, shared by Mr. J.Q., and followed up by many others, is no exception. This story, as most regular readers of this website, or for that matter of my books, are aware, the "High Antarctic Strangeness" began with Hermann Goering sponsoring the Nazi expedition of 1938-39 to the continent, with strange ties to Rudolf Hess. Then of course came the inevitable (and monotonously repetitive) "Nazi last Battalion" stories about Admiral Byrd and Operation High Jump being kicked out by die hard Nazis holed up in their secret flying saucer research and assembly facilities in the continent. I've not subscribed to such theories for a variety of reasons that are not necessary to research here. But American Admiral Richard Byrd did lead a postwar expedition to the continent, and he did leave much earlier than the expedition was scheduled. The expedition was planned at the highest levels, including then Fleet Admiral Chester Nimitz, and then Secretary of the Navy John Forrestal. On his return, Byrd wrote a lengthy article for National Geographic, appeared on a few television shows, and then the story was forgotten, until his son, who was invited to give a speech on a major anniversary of his father's expedition to the National Geographic, never showed up, went missing, and was subsequently found murdered in an abandoned warehouse in Baltimore. As if that's not enough high strangeness, the Admiral's relative, Colonel Byrd, just also happened to own a stake in the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas, TX on Nov. 22, 1963, where you-know-who supposedly accomplished the world's greatest feat of marksmanship with a misaligned telescopic site on a World War Two Italian carbine rifle.

But wait, it gets stranger. We then saw former US Secretary of State John Kerry taking a "detour" to the continent during a diplomatic junket during one of the most hotly contested elections in American history. We were told he wanted to check out global warming first hand. Uh huh. That was followed up by former Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who tweeted a number of curious things before and after going to Antarctica, things like "getting ready to go to the launchpad," and allegedly, that what he saw there was "pure evil." The Patriarch of Moscow, Kiril III also made the trip, to bless the Russian Orthodox chapel there, and to have his picture taken.

Then came the strange pictures of perfectly rectilinear blocks of ice - rectangular icebergs - breaking off from the ice shelf, just as a NASA aircraft snapped the photo, which we were informed was purely accidental because they weren't really all that interested in perfectly rectangular icebergs of about a kilometer's length. Uh huh. Following that escapade, a number of videos showed up on YouTube from various people in the alternative research field, with truly strange and anomalous things allegedly showing up on google earth, and equally cleverly being hidden from them. Many of these strange pictures appeared to show holes or openings - again, some of very rectilinear nature - in the surface of the ice and rock.

Well, now there's this, and as one might imagine, it has my high octane speculation motor working in overdrive, and my suspicion meter in the red zone:

Scientists Have Detected an Enormous Cavity Growing Beneath Antarctica

Now, in the context of all of the above high strangeness, consider the following paragraphs from the article;

Now, a stunning new void has been revealed amidst this massive vanishing act, and it's a big one: a gigantic cavity growing under West Antarctica that scientists say covers two-thirds the footprint of Manhattan and stands almost 300 metres (984 ft) tall.

This huge opening at the bottom of the Thwaites Glacier – a mass infamously dubbed the "most dangerous glacier in the world" – is so big it represents an overt chunk of the estimated 252 billion tonnes of ice Antarctica loses every year.


"Thanks to a new generation of satellites, we can finally see the detail."

Rignot and fellow researchers discovered the cavity using ice-penetrating radar as part of NASA's Operation IceBridge, with additional data supplied by German and French scientists.

According to the readings, the hidden void is but one ice casualty among a "complex pattern of retreat and ice melt" that's taking place at Thwaites Glacier, sectors of which are retreating by as much as 800 metres (2,625 ft) every year.

The complex pattern the new readings reveal – which don't fit with current ice sheet or ocean models – suggest scientists have more to learn about how water and ice interact with one another in the frigid but warming Antarctic environment.


The Thwaites Glacier actually holds in neighboring glaciers and ice masses further inland. If its buttressing force disappeared, the consequences could be unthinkable, which is why it's considered such a pivotal natural structure in the Antarctic landscape.

Just how long it will stay, nobody knows – which is why scientists are right now embarking on a major expedition to learn more about Thwaites.

What they'll find remains to be seen, but it's inarguably among the most important scientific research being conducted in the world right now.

Now, as Mr. J.Q. pointed out in his email to me, it takes a little reading between the lines to see what is not being talked about, and what is not being talked about are the usual things one might attribute to massive melting of an Antarctic glacier. There's no mention of global warming (though it seems to be implicated from some of the remarks). There's no mention of volcanism. And there is mention of a bit of "mystification" in that "new readings" do not seem to "fit with current ice sheet or ocean models."

In other words, they don't have a clue.

Now, when I read this article, I couldn't help but think of all those strange "independent" videos purporting to show all sorts of strange stuff in Antarctica. I still remain very skeptical of many if not most of those pictures, but some did appear to be holes or openings in the surface of some considerable size, and they did not look to my layman's eye to have been "photoshopped." Putting today's featured article together with those, and it would appear that Antarctica may perhaps be honeycombed with all sorts of underground structures. And that brings back the possibilities that Admiral Byrd's Operation High Jump may have encountered something "down there," something which, perhaps, Secretary of State Kerry was sent to "talk with." Who knows? But if that is the case, and if the current scientific crews seem to be at a loss on what mechanism is causing the cavity under the Thwaites glacier, and if they're not talking about how perfectly rectilinear icebergs manage to break off, then perhaps it's time to entertain the hypothesis that "someone" may be down there, and perhaps be using some sort of high technology to create the situation, or to give the appearance of "high technology."

Yea, I admit, I walked right off the end of the twig once again on that one. But when all that high strangeness in Antarctica is added up, it's far more strange than the massive melting occurring there.

See you on the flip side...