10 thoughts on “NEWS AND VIEWS FROM THE NEFARIUM FEB 7 2019”

  1. Greece is the key to this situation. When the Troika opted to impoverish and privatize Greece, other EU nations (outside of France and Germany) saw their future. It became a Benjamin Franklin “if we do not hang together, we will all hang separately” consciousness-raising moment. That was when Italian non-Rothschild PTB, understanding that they were next in line for the ‘treatment’, started talks with other similar-minded leaders.

    Meeting the expected ‘pushbacks’ to their plans to avoid the noose, Italian leaders seem to have escalated. In my opinion, they are instigating a “Venezuela” on Macron. The Italian ‘resistance’ sense that they can remove a major Rothschild chess-piece from the board through the Yellow Vest movement and similar discontented groups. So, they are ‘talking-up’ those movements and – as Joseph indicated – exposing the hypocrisies within the French/German “EU” structure. (The immigration issue is being used as a ‘proxy’ for general resistance to enslavement.)

    It will be interesting to see where things go. An essential aspect of the PTB is that they remain ‘hidden’. Not only are the Italians exposing the PTB to the general public, but they are raising the Torches and Pitchforks ante. I said a while back that the Italian PTB may be more ‘senior’ than the Rothschild-based PTB. We shall see…

  2. A very powerful and well delivered analysis by Joseph. I tend to think similarly. Thank you for the clarity.

    1. I almost forgot to mention that Joseph should be a guest commentator on one or more of the various main stream television programming as I was watching today’s news and analysis from the nefarium.

  3. Robert Barricklow

    I read this earlier and had to laugh too, as it does indeed showcase the many hypocrisies. For myself their is the self-evident divide between the unelected, unaccountable EU government whose ideology is one of Social Darwinism against an anti-authoritarian and egalitarian resistance who want to the right to live, not merely exist. Who want a sovereign country that provides to everybody sufficient liberties and adequate support to live meaningful, fulfilling lives.
    They’ve seen their future in Greece and don’t want their families going there. Italy siding w/the yellow vests sends the message of/We stand with the resistance against your EU inhuman bureaucratic technocrats.

    LOL! = Macron speaking of a democratic and freely elected government.
    The CIA wants to know/Where on Earth is that!
    They’ll plug that NWO hole ASAP!

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Left unsaid is the weaponized immigration
      that’s destroying their country’s cultures.

      The Pope & The Imam
      mixes as well as oil & water.

      1. Given that the Abrahamic religions are political movements masquerading as religions, they may not mix but they may cooperate effectively on matters of shared interest.

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