1. when you say we and our, it kinda makes it sound like you feel power and influence enough to play a role in determining the fate of some of us wage slaves. if so, please do what you can to keep us from being expended since your point about our growing expendability is duly noted and sounds accurate.

  2. The USA has been a running dog of its masters since at least 1919 whoever they are. By the way who told you Japan and Korea are the USA allies vassals would be the definition of the relationship.

  3. Stepping back for the Bigger Picture, I believe the PTB (used in a global sense here) have reached a decisive point. They have pretty much attained global financial control, so they are proceeding to ‘wind down’ the US Corp. Many conspiracy writers have noted this two-step: Building-up the US so that it can accomplish regime-changes toward a global (PTB controlled) central banking system. Then, hollow-out the US so totally that it will collapse with a pin-prick. Impoverished Americans will beg for help from PTB ‘helpers’. Mission accomplished…

    At this point, I see the over-the-top inadequacy/stupidity/arrogance of the whole US governing system as pointing to this pivotal moment. I wonder what the PTB have planned as the Coup de Grâce ?

    (Really hoping for some extraterrestrial, intraterrestrial, and/or spiritual help, here…)

    1. seen the fires in ca? the microwave beaming satellites can work 24/7/365 with proper engineering, right? and they can beam to any point on ground, right? weapon or power generating plant. so how many infrastructure catastrophe capitalism dya think it’ll take for us mere mortals to give up our current system and beg for these cheaper energy sources (cheaper for oligarchs and monopolists)?

  4. Every where you look at where the US military has been there is a trail of dead bodies. Just look at the middle east. Why does the world turn a blind eye to this, and why does every US ally follow the US into these wars.

  5. Robert Barricklow

    Good. people waking up to other governments posing threats; namely the U.S. Now, they just need to square the circle to their own respective governments.
    Kissinger said long ago, “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal”.

    The die is being cast towards a future perspective wherein the U.S continues to exasperate the divide between the haves & have nots. Not a good strategy for cohesive strength in any country; let alone a world.

  6. No great surprise here. How can you trust a nation with very little manufacturing base, other than the MIC, to provide you with any type of reasonable “security”. The USSA has lost the ability to even provide 300 +/- key parts to its military without going to other nations to provide those parts. As mentioned, we are spread way too thin and are way too arrogant to see the fallacy of our current path in our “regime change” idiocy. Our educational system is a joke, giving rise to an entire generation or more of entitled idiots and the recent treasonous activity of the “left” has been noticed by pretty much everyone. The demise of the “West” continues apace. We are bankrupt financially, culturally, morally, and spiritually.

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