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Hi folks. Once again, there were so many articles shared that I've decided once again to share this week's "honorable mentions", and this may become a regular feature.  And again, my thanks to all of you sharing articles:

The Pope And Islam’s Most Important Imam Just Signed A Covenant That Pushes Us Much Closer To A One World Religion

This Dangerous Experiment Upon The Human Race Could Lead To A Global Catastrophe: 'Death From Above' To Unleash The Worldwide 'Microwaving' Of Our Planet

Student Loans – The Economic Time Bomb

OUTTA SPACE Nasa’s real ‘Wall-E’ mysteriously disappears after Mars fly-by – and sister spacecraft ‘Eve’ is missing too

Mystery Surrounding 'Lost' $150M Crypto Fortune Deepens As Analysts Question Exchange Founder's Death

REVEALED: Pilot who died when his small plane crashed into a California home and killed four had FAKE cop credentials on him and had posted a series of cryptic Facebook messages in the days before the traged


  1. Robert Barricklow

    Crypto theft?
    India kidnapping for crypto buck$

    Crypto crime that pays
    Is crypto crime that stays.

  2. Robert Barricklow

    Hard to escape the microwaving; although some products are beginning to multiply in the so-called market place. Who knows, maybe a transhuman solution?
    What a surprise that would be!

  3. Robert Barricklow

    A trend that’s catching on: High sought after employment companies – no longer requiring degrees.
    A number of economic time bombs primed for explosion, besides the $tudent loan$.
    One that’s exploding now are the sub-prime car loans.
    Debt peonage is exponentially exploding
    just as it’s systemically structured to do.

  4. The Papacy is, and was always, communism.

    The Roman empire was communism from start.

    The USA was created by communists wearing apron.

  5. From article:
    “The plane took off from Fullerton Municipal Airport about a dozen miles west of the blaze.”
    “Pilot Pastini [75] was the only person inside the eight-seater at the time.”
    “The plane’s registration was pending when it crashed. It is listed to an address in Oregon…”

    As an aero type, I watched the pre-crash videos with interest on the day it happened. That plane was going-down at a high angle before it exploded in mid-air. This is very unusual. Most crashes shortly after takeoff result from engine failure and the pilot being caught low and slow. Stall a wing in the turn back to the airport, flip over, and spiral-in uncontrollably. This type of incident almost never has a plane explode in mid-air. Throw-in the other strange facts, and this looks highly suspicious. (I don’t think it was a suicidal move. Most pilots would never harm anyone else, even if suicidal. If Pastini was going to off himself, there is plenty of empty space further out…)

  6. Dear Joseph,
    RE: Spandau Ballet
    I have just finished reading your latest book which in my opinion is your best. Hess and The Penguins. Spandau Ballet have some other songs form the 80s which also seem to channel Hess as follows:
    Communication (let me down).
    To Cut A Long Story Short (I lost My Mind).
    You can see and hear these songs on YouTube. To Cut A Long Story Short video is set in a prison and some of the band members are wearing Tartan!
    Michael UK

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