There are possible long term massive changes looming in Europe, as the Trump administration's attempts to block the Nordstream 2 pipeline appear to be failing:

Germany says it will abandon its NATO spending commitments and invest even less than promised, sparking US anger after Trump criticised European allies for expecting a free ride

Time Runs Out on U.S. Opposition to Nordstream 2


  1. One ray of hope: Bill and Ted 3: Face the Music is happening. Due in theaters August 21, 2020. “Be excellent to each other…”

  2. It seems to me that the current situation, at base, is a generational thing. People who fought in WWII were willing to go along with Mutually As$ured Destruction, Cold War, “Dr Strangelove” politics. Fast-forward a few generations. Now, people are used to a general, if flawed, Peace. (In WWII, you could have ten thousand deaths in battle in a few days. Not to mention saturation-bombing of cities.) The average civilian does not want to go to war for their Banksters’ profit.

    Neocons lost their ‘shine’ when no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. Not to mention neocon/dual-citizen *cough* possible *cough* involvement in 9/11.

    All the above has trickled-down towards the Trump era. Europeans do not want a war with Russia. Russians do not want a war with Europe. Etc. Everyone knows this. So, sabre-rattling from America is seen for what it is: Bullying. And Trump and the neocons do not even have the smarts (or empathy) to see the inevitable ‘resistance’ that builds up to overt bullying. Trump/neocon opposition (bullying) to Nordstream 2 has virtually guaranteed its completion, for example.

    (The above does not even include Enlil, Anunnaki, and ‘outside’ forces. That makes it even more “interesting times”…)

  3. When Germany asks (cough cough) for the US to remove all military forces from it’s land, then the jig is up for NATO. This monster, perpetrated by the military industrial complex spends billions, just in case Russia invades it’s neighbors, who just happen to buy oil and gas from them. If Trump gets his marching orders then the world will be a better place for it, bring it on.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    The question of Britain remaining in the EU shouldn’t really be a ? BREXIT was already voted for. But, as is endemic with 21st century Western representative democracies; they don’t represent the electorate.
    The Eu is antidemocratic; consequently, Theresa May knows the EU is a perfect fit. She knows the European Parliament can’t originate legislation. That it spends more on crate after crate of rubber stamps than another expenditure. That the EU is moving towards a cheap labor objective; as migration moves in ju$t one direction. That its other objective is to abolish nation states. When the only kind of economist that favors the EU is the likes of Thomas Friedman; what’s that tell you?
    Is the BBC is favoring a sort of leave, but not really? What’s an Orwellian soft BREXIT mean? As opposed to a hard one? Nobody think that BREXIT means BREXIT?
    As I’ve said before, May is a Trojan Horse.
    No doubt the EU stamp bureaucracy has it’s equal w/Westminster’s tax code[12X the length of King James Bible]. So, now there marching out a new acronym: BRINO[Brexit in name only]
    Thus, the rest of the EU nation states like Italy should look East & West and note Greece & Britain. China’s not a bad direction to go; considering the other options. In fact, it’s a no brainer.

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