1. Yep, Apollo 13 definitely did a gravity-slingshot back to Earth around a projected Moon image…

  1. science from the folks at thunderbolts.info have a model that more than adequately splains all this. billy yelverton’s plasma lab does an amazing job. solar electromag emissions. phase lock with the earth. earth’s axis thrown off by recent historical solar system changes that bumped earth off 22 or so degrees. recent being last 5 or 15 millenia.

  2. Turns out that my Mother has always claimed that “Moon” was the first word I uttered.
    Turns out that about a dozen years after one of my closest childhood friends I had lost contact, he had formed a band called “Luna” who I got to work with throughout my career in the music industry.
    Turns out that I get to see him for dinner in about an hour as “Luna” is going to preform here in New Orleans for their first time in nearly 20 years!
    Go Figure.

  3. I understand the implications of Deep Time, and the ‘reprocessing’ that goes-on on Earth. However, when I look at the Moon, there are just too many huge craters. Look at the far-side South Pole-Aitken Basin and the near-side Imbrium Basin (now filled with lava). Stunning in size. Earth should have attracted more of this sort, with its deeper gravity well. Even with said reprocessing, where are they?

    This leads to: Was the Moon bombarded? Yes, I know – age dating and all that. Still, the differences in huge-crater counts leads me to wonder…

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Of course there are many more anomalies, and no doubt, many we’re unaware of.
    But the telltale traces of a cosmic war
    add to the mystery of this artificial satellite..

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