1. Was looking forward to reading the article referenced above, but the link now takes us to a DEAD website. Could someone post a link to where the information can be found? Thanks!

  2. Loxie Lou Davie

    Sadly, I would say the majority of the human population is not going to even be made aware of, or even want to hear about what has happened in the past. The majority are so taken up with their everyday lives, they could care less about what happened in the 1970’s!!

    Of more importance today is the Immigrant Issue here & in Europe. Exactly, WHO is taking over the world at this point in time??? It was interesting to me that 777 years have passed since 1,200 Talmud codices were destroyed in a fire at Notre Dame. I think we have to assume not everyone was saddened by the recent fire.

    And, what of Albert Pike’s letter to G. Mazzini in 1871??? Do we see any correlations there??? History is playing out…..BUT…..according to Whose plan?!! 😉

  3. Operation Condor: Made in the West
    European interest in bringing home a state-sponsored terror campaign may seem shocking, given Europe’s publicly stated concerns at the time regarding Condor member countries’ mind-boggling human rights abuses and state-sponsored murders.

    “They emphasized, however, that if such an organization were established (in Europe), all their operations against subversives would be closely coordinated so that the service of one country would not operate unilaterally in another country.”

    What would be their definition of subversives?

  4. Robert Barricklow

    I think most of us knew that was happening[the CIA putting in place puppet dictators throughout South America. Nor, has it been curtailed in any way.
    What it doesn’t say is how the money was weaponized to control these South American countries; and dare I say it,
    our own.

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