May 7, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

In case you haven't noticed, there has been all sorts of strange news lately that in one way or another ties to the subject of space, UFOs, extra-terrestrials, and so on. And this story is right at the top of all the rest (it was shared by an individual who wishes to remain "initials anonymous"):

Oxford academic argues invisible aliens are interbreeding with humans

Now what I find very intriguing here is not only that it is an Oxford professor who is pushing the "alien visitation" meme, but that this meme is being pushed in conjunction with other favored memes of "the elites", like nuclear weapons and "climate change":

The Oxford Student has learnt that Dr Young-hae Chi, Professor at Oxford’s Oriental Institute, believes in a strong correlation between climate change and alien abductions.

In 2012, Dr Chi gave a lecture at the the Ammach Conference, titled ‘Alien Abduction and the Environmental Crisis’ in which he outlined his theory concerning the presence of aliens on earth.

Dr Chi began his lecture with the statement that “perhaps human civilisation is coming to an end”.

In his fifty-five minute presentation he cited Dr David Jacobs, an ‘abduction researcher’ in the US, who argued that aliens’ primary purpose is to colonise the earth, by interbreeding with humans to produce a new hybrid species. Second generation ‘hybrids’ are, according to Jacobs, walking unobserved among us.

Dr Chi argued that “it is not only scientists and theologians, but also non-human species who appear to be greatly concerned about the survivability of the human species”.

He pointed out that the timing of aliens’ appearance coincides with the earth facing major problems, climate change and nuclear weapons in particular.

He concludes that “it may be more or less assumed that the hybrid project is a response to this impending demise of human civilisation”.

He went on to argue that if we act now on climate change, “not only can we save ourselves, but also prove aliens wrong in their judgement of our moral capacity”.

As one might imagine, this has my high octane speculation motor running in high gear.

So without further ado, here it is:

I strongly suspect that what we're looking at here is not simply a one-off, i.e., we are not looking at an eccentric professor providing us with an amusing story about his quirky theory about aliens and "climate change." Rather, we're looking at the next step - the trial balloon so to speak - in the information and meme game of the globaloneyists. That step is to tie together any issue of "global importance," be it "climate change", extra-terrestrials, asteroid impacts, or what have you. If that reading is correct, then Mr. Globaloney is taking an extreme risk, and playing for very high stakes, for in effect what Mr. Globaloney is really doing is saying that he wants everyone on earth to believe that ETs not only exist,  but that they're "here" and "concerned" whether or not one chooses to question the evidence for that position. The approach, notably, is similar to Mr. Globaloney's attitude to "climate change": one must believe in it. In this respect it is interesting that Dr. Chi ties all this together in the form of a predictive belief, a kind of climate change-ET eschatology:

When asked whether he holds a pessimistic view of the future, Dr Chi expressed concern that there is a lack of political will to prevent climate change even if we have the necessary technology. He said, “Judging from the way the ETs are acting they have a better view of our future, perhaps it is pointing to a pessimistic future”.

He added, “So, they come not for the sake of us, but for the sake of them, their survival, (but their survival is actually our survival as well) the survival of the entire biosphere. That is where I progressed in developing my theory and I’m still looking for more evidence to support my view.”

In other words, what Dr. Chi is promoting is a belief system, one incorporating ETs and Climate change, and if I am correct in my high octane speculation, this is a trial balloon for more to come.

If so, it comes at a very interesting time, when every effort is being made to shut down, destroy, and make people forget the central core of this civilization. That central core, if taken seriously, would say that there's nothing unusual about "alien visitation" per se. It would only say that the record is not morally uniform and consistent as to the nature of that visitation; some of it was good, and some of it was evil, and thus that some of those "ETs" and their "visitations" had nothing whatsoever to do with "preserving the biosphere" or "climate change"  or any of the fluffy bromides of our modern, ugly, and theologically illiterate culture; it had everything to do with destroying humanity and its biosphere. In fact, it would take One to recognize that all the promised benefits and technological power they offered mankind in the form of all the kingdoms of the Earth was, in fact, a trap. All we had to do was bow down, and worship them and serve their memes...

See you on the flip side...