May 31, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

The birds are singing again, the sun is out, flowers bloom, and all is well. The flood waters are receding, and now the major American network CBS, or as we like to call it here, See BS, has ridden to the rescue to explain what just happened. And of course, it all has to do with climate change and global warming:

Tornado season in overdrive: What's behind the extreme weather hitting the Midwest?

As one might expect, amid all this explanation, there's not one word about geoengineering, weather modification technologies, of the Pentagram's desire for "full spectrum dominance" and to "own the weather" as a "force multiplier," and that's interesting, because the list of known patents concerning such technologies is hardly short, according to this list shared by V.T.:

Extensive List of PATENTS

What's interesting to note about that list is the rapid increase of patents concerning aerosolization and chemical spraying from aircraft at more or less the same time that President Reagan launched his now famous Strategic Defense Initiative. I've seen (and smelled) this spraying myself, as have many people around the world and particularly in the USA. These technologies, to put it as succinctly as possible, are designed to increase the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere, and are to be used in conjunction with weather modification technologies such as HAARP, which according to its own patent, could be used as a weather manipulation and modification technology, and to steer the weather via high and low pressure zones.

But See BS cannot be bothered with all of that. Its explanation for the recent weather is standard boilerplate:

For the past few weeks, an abnormally large and prolonged cool pool of air has been locked in over the Southwest. These western U.S. dips in the jet stream, called "troughs," are a main ingredient in every severe weather season because they eject energy into the Plains states; that energy mixes with warmth and moisture from the Gulf of Mexico to spawn severe weather.

In recent weeks this pattern has been magnified for a few reasons. This amplification does not exist in isolation โ€” the complex web of weather is interconnected all around the globe. Meteorologists call these links "teleconnections."

A couple of significant teleconnections are playing a part in our current severe weather pattern. The first is a natural multiweek cycle called the Madden Julian Oscillation (MJO). The other is an abnormally warm airmass over the Arctic and Alaska, which can happen naturally but in recent years has become more prominent because of human-caused climate change.

Dr. Victor Gensini, an atmospheric and tornado researcher at Northern Illinois University, foresaw the recent burst of severe weather. "The latest rash of severe weather can be tied back to a strong Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) event that started in late April," he said, noting that the MJO reinforces the western U.S. trough and the resulting severe weather flowing from it.

Another prominent feature factoring in is an extremely amplified jet stream stretching from Alaska down to Mexico. The jet stream is a fast-moving river of air in the upper atmosphere that transports storms and separates cold air from warm air. Normally the jet stream flows from west to east with modest perturbations, but there is nothing modest about the jet stream the past few weeks. It's been oriented in an abnormally deep north-south trajectory, especially for late May.

And on and on the article lurches from "explanation" to "explanation", all ofย  it sounding very "scientific," and with but one end in view: to make people grasp at "climate" change, and that it is all "human-caused." What they don't want to talk about is which humans are causing that change. And therein lies the rub, for the omission from the discussion of geophysical engineering technologies - of which weather modification technologies are a subset - constitutes a material omission of the first and highest order. One can only assume, therefore, that See BS's explanation is either a case of simply not knowing about it, and hence that it's "journalism" and "research" are incredibly slipshod and suspect, or that its material omission is deliberate, which wouldn't surprise me one little bit; the network's role in the Clowns In America's "Mighty Wurlitzer" mockingbird media from the 1950s to the 1970s was alleged in the 1970s and has been a subject of a few studies since.

It did get one thing right with its neat animations of High and Low pressure zones parked over Alaska (location of HAARP), and the jet stream helping to pump enormous moisture and energy over the American midwest. But again, it omitted from its discussion the capability of HAARP to create, and then maintain, that system in that position. We're supposed to be it all "just happened" and invoke the tautologies of "climate change" and human action. What we're not supposed to look at too closely are the technologies. It's our fault, not the deep state's.

What's the bottom line here? While I realize I've been hammering the weather modification-geoengineering theme rather hard lately, it's to a purpose, and the purpose is this: climate change is real, and weather modification is real, and the two are related. As Elana Freeland put it to me in a recent interview we had, "there is no such thing as natural weather any more," the reason being that the weather modification technologies have been in more or less consistent and constant use on an increasing spiral since the Reagan era, if not before. That means the technologies themselves are of a global nature, and that the technocrats running them have far more influence on the weather than people driving cars, or cattle ranching, or any of the usual "culprits" blamed by the media or the blithering radical leftist idiots.

Those technologies mean that articles of "explanation" such as this by See BS, are just that: they're BS; they're at best omitting the lion's share of relevant data - the technologies and military agenda - through incompetence, or deliberate omission. But the result is the same: In neither case are such articles and studies to be trusted.

We may put that in the form of a proposition: any article or scientific study purporting to discuss mechanisms of climate change or global warming, that does not include nor mention the technologies and military agenda they serve, is unscientific at best or a lie at worst. And just so we're clear on what that means, it means, yes, all those "learned" papers in Nature or Icarus or any number of other prestigious scientific journals are to be dismissed, prima facie, if they do not include the weather modification technologies in their data and discussions.

But what do we expect from a media that has only in the last few weeks finally admitted what alternative field researchers have known since the 1950s: that, yes, the Pentagram and the government have a keen interest in UFOs, and as I've pointed out, weather modification and UFOs are related, for if one suspects the latter have advanced technology, then demonstrating that one can engineer and manipulate systems of planetary scale becomes a kind of space gun-boat diplomacy.

See you on the flip side...