OK... I had to do at least one "fun" blog this week, and T.M. sent this article along, and I couldn't resist. And it's appropriate that the article is based on a report from those always-byzantine-never-to-be-trusted-Russians and their evil-super-genius-criminal-mastermind-martial-arts-expert-who-is-behind-all-conspiracies-of-all-the-ages Dr. Fu Manchu Vladimir Putin.

So what has Mr. Putin and his evil minions and lackeys been up to lately? Why, they now claim that all that red mercury scare that was the favored Nuclear Nightmare of the 1990s, and which occasionally resurfaces in a variety of contexts (most recently as the "culprit" behind those strange bridge fires in Atlanta a few years ago) was really simply a "code" for Lithium-6. But, as you might imagine, there's a bit more to this story than meets the eye. Here's the article, which, you'll note, is really the abstract to an article:

'Red Mercury' is Lithium-6, Russian Weaponsmiths Say

And here's the problematical part:

The name 'red mercury' is a code word used in the USSR nuclear weapons program since the 1950s to describe enriched lithium-6.

Well, that's not really the only problematical part. There's also this:

Lithium-6 has two nuclear weapons uses: as a reactor target for production of tritium, and in the form of lithium-6 deuteride as a thermonuclear weapon material. The most common production process uses large amounts of mercury as chemical agents. The code name originated because mercuric impurities contaminate the lithium- 6 during production, giving it a red color. 'Red mercury' has been identified by many European media reports as 'any of several simple mercuric compounds and tinctures offered for sale by Russian and European agents,' but none of these had any nuclear value. The uses for lithium-6 are consistent with claims about the uses of 'red mercury.' The USSR built a large complex in the early days of their nuclear weapon program to produce and stockpile lithium- 6. Some was also supplied to China in the 1950s. Russian and Western officials have both stated that no lithium-6 from Russian or Chinese inventories has been diverted since the disintegration of the USSR. (Emphasis added)

Well, what's so problematical about that? To answer that question, we'll have to take a short trip around Harvey's Barn. In 2009 I published my book The Nazi International, in which I review the post-World War Two nuclear fusion research of Dr. Ronald Richter, which he was ostensibly conducting for Argentinian dictator Juan Peron. In 1951, Peron gave a press conference where he introduced Dr. Richter, and then made the extraordinary claim that Argentina had discovered the secret to the hydrogen bomb. The world's press denounced Richter as a fraud, and so vociferous was the press response that Peron appointed a young Argentine nuclear physicist, Dr. Jose Balseiro, to head a commission to investigate Richter's claims. Richter was indeed claiming to do the impossible - at least, by the lights at the time. He was claiming to obtain fusion reactions in a compound of lithium-6 (the rest of the compound was unspecified, but may have involved mercury) under extreme rotation and stress, and at temperatures far below that the standard thermonuclear chemistry of the period thought possible. In effect, Richter was making cold fusion claims some decades before Pons and Fleischman would do so.

Dr. Balseiro filed his report, basically pointing all this out, Richter was denounced as a fraud and placed under house arrest by Peron, and that was that.

Until the USA's infamous Castle-Bravo h-bomb test, which ran away to a reaction of about 15 megatons's yield, after a pre-detonation calculation of "only" 7-8 megatons. As I pointed out in The Nazi International, suddenly people in the USA became interested - very secretly interested - in Richter and his work again, and the US Air Force dispatched people to interview him. Meanwhile, the "cover story" of Castle Bravo was put out: the American thermonuclear bomb engineers had not factored in that the lithium-6 would burn in the reaction.


Except, that Richter had made this prior claim, and now, the Russians are also implying that they too knew lithium-6 would burn in a thermonuclear reaction as early as the 1950s. Which means either the American story about Castle Bravo's  engineers being incompetent is probably yet another one of those narratives that has to be questioned, because it implies they fully knew and concocted a nonsensical explanation for it. And now we're learning that mercury was used as a chemical agent in some unknown process involving the lithium-6.

It's the presence of Richter in this mix that makes me wonder, once again, if there is not some truth in the red mercury legend, particularly in this current incarnation; it makes me wonder if some mercury "salted" with lithium-6-deuteride and then put into plasma form might not, in fact, under the right conditions, do what was always claimed for "red mercury": detonate with enormous "quasi-nuclear" force.

Finally, most importantly, if this latest admission from Russia is to be believed, then it means one very important thing: the substance called "red mercury" was, and is, real.

See you on the flip side...




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Joseph P. Farrell

Joseph P. Farrell has a doctorate in patristics from the University of Oxford, and pursues research in physics, alternative history and science, and "strange stuff". His book The Giza DeathStar, for which the Giza Community is named, was published in the spring of 2002, and was his first venture into "alternative history and science".


  1. goshawks on May 17, 2019 at 1:03 am

    More on “Red Mercury”: (VT, so use your intuition)
    “However, I believe your brother was referring to a LOW-YIELD Nuclear Weapon, rather than a LOW-GRADE weapon?

    It is almost impossible to get a fission reaction going with U-238 except under immense neutron flux, it being, under normal conditions, a FISSIONABLE material, but NOT a FISSILE material, the latter class being capable of spontaneous fission under certain quantitative and kinetic material density increases and other considerations, as is possible with the traditional U-235 and Plutonium-239.

    However, U-238 or so-called ‘Depleted Uranium’, i.e., U-238 fairly leached of its fissile U-235 content, IS fissionable under heavy neutron flux, which jumps it up into Plutonium 239 when it is deliberately used for the casing on the FUSION aggregate of a thermonuclear weapon (Hydrogen Bomb).

    What I believe your brother meant, are LOW-YIELD nuclear weapons, i.e., of (relatively) low energy output, (between a few tons’ and a few hundred tons’ TNT-equivalent) which, due to clever design, such as the use of Red Mercury or Mercuric-Stibic Heptoxide (Hg2Sb2O7) as carrier and tamper for Pu-239 incorporated into its crystalline structure, combined with electromagnetic implosion using heavy fields generated by FCGs (Flux-Compression (explosive) Generators), can make even relatively miniscule amounts of Pu-239 fission, and are also much more efficient in the percentage of fissile material they manage to fission when they are initiated, so fallout is low, and the ‘Neutron Bomb’ which is something like a very small nuke, produces a high-density neutron flux which can penetrate armor and also underground facilities…” (my bolding)

  2. HSHAW on May 6, 2019 at 2:17 pm

    Marginal information or controversial information which might relate to red mercury.

    – “The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick” Chapter: [4:135] Letter to Malcolm Edwards
    – “Before closing I want to stress that I was indeed lucky (although my heightened view of the world showed me that what we call ‘luck’ is arranged methodically by our guiding Creator, and doesn’t happen by chance), inasmuch as not only did I transduce an external field successfully into the electrical field of my neurological system, as has been shown in laboratory work over recent years, but that field which I transduced was, shall we say, a benign one; that is, it promoted both mental and physical healing in me … a long process, but a start, inasmuch as I am quite a bit better off in both counts than before. I would characterize the transduced field as a semi-living bioplasmic field, sentient and deathless. I could see it in a few subtle arrangements outside me, so I realized that it had been present but not visible to me. I don’t know about weak fields – I lack the technical training to identify it, but it is a plasma, very heavy and although possessing enormous mass, capable of terrific velocity on occasion, like a red-and-gold shining mercury, it flowed off and disappeared almost as soon as I spied it, which was only a couple of times.”

    (Note: Following is not an endorsement of Jaggi Vasudev, a.k.a. Sadguru nor ISHA organization but highlights non-standard information pertaining to estoric or hidden properties of mercury.)
    – Rasa Vaidya:

    What I find interesting is the alleged healing property or field potential(s) of mercury. Some kind of transformation occurs. There is an alleged effect upon the usual physical sequence of perceived reality. However the alleged transformation discussed by PDK & JV happen via internal alchemy versus external transformation devices like, perhaps, Die Glocke.

    Xerum/Serum 525 has potentially a connection to”Monos Hieroglyphica” – specifically 252.
    English translation pdf file:
    What connection? I do not know exactly. It is a hunch.

  3. MFB on May 3, 2019 at 5:40 am

    My apologies Joseph if my post came across rather harsh! I shouldn’t write when doing 6 things at the same time lol.

    I still think Xerum 525 is the basis for Red Mercury, even after ploughing through many articles on the Red Mercury ‘hoax’. After working through Karlsch’s books (while reworking my thesis on the Occulted Nazi A-bomb), I really think your case for a fusion/fission booster is very solid.

    Protactinium or U233 core via the ‘photochemical effect’, Xerum 525 booster with a high voltage charge for X-ignition hollow charge device. Essentially an atomic ‘mega panzerfaust’. I have evidence this was smuggled into Italy and then on to Spain late 45 early 46. Something was tested in Spain…….

  4. marcos toledo on May 2, 2019 at 6:56 pm

    This brings up the most abused word myth red mercury has been kicked around for decades. What that old saying where there is smoke there is a fire and this is an old story.

  5. Robert Barricklow on May 2, 2019 at 12:36 pm

    Interesting storyline that exemplifies how truths are framed and reframed within politicized contexts; even the sciences. Or, especially the sciences.

    • Robert Barricklow on May 2, 2019 at 9:23 pm

      ” The fight is to get vast quantities of the population to be mesmerized, incapable of separating themselves from the machine. 5G & AI will subvert humanity. China’s population w/the social credit score and this new 5G/AI tools will have its society become slowly insectified by a command & control center being rolled out globally…. ”
      The above is basically what Max Keiser sez in the beginning 3 minutes of a 30 minute video.


  6. MFB on May 2, 2019 at 6:00 am

    Hi Dr Farrell,

    That article was from July 22, 1993!
    Therefore the Russian Lithium-6 claim is very early on in the Red Mercury saga of the 1990’s and doesn’t have a lot to do with Putin etc.

    • Joseph P. Farrell on May 3, 2019 at 12:15 am

      Granted, but I was just made aware of it…

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