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Hi folks. my apologies about the lack of a blog today, but the weather has been absolutely a mess the past two days, with dawn-to-dusk-to-dawn tornado warnings, sirens going off, a very anxious and scared little dog, &c. Last week wasn't much better, and in spite of my efforts to try to schedule things for interviews and blogs and dialogues, the weather has not cooperated.  Thanks for your patience.

11 thoughts on “TIDBIT: APOLOGIES”

    1. More Chinese imports the USA can do without? Stay safe, everyone. Keep Shilo’s treats handy, Dr Farrell!

  1. BetelgeuseT-1

    Bit off topic, but I just listened to Dr Farrell’s interview with Dr Heather Lynn.
    What an incredible, fascinating interview!
    Thank you so much Dr Farrell and Dr Lynn, looking forward to more and looking forward to Dr Lynn’s Annunaki book.

  2. I have been watching the tornado chasers over the last few days. Those folks are certainly a plucky bunch.

    No worries on the blog, Dr. Farrell. Safety first.

  3. Long ago when I lived in central Georgia, we had a tornado churn-through around 10-15 miles to our west. The atmosphere had a ‘charge’ to it (perhaps literally) and there was a slight orange glow to the sky in the distance. People were very on edge, perhaps due to positive ions, and kept looking out the door. Later, we heard that there had been substantial destruction along the tornado’s path.

    So, Joseph, be safe…

  4. anakephalaiosis

    Captain Jack Sparrow
    teleports to world’s end by
    Kraken tornado.

  5. No problem Joseph. Safety comes first . . . prayers in support of your needs.

  6. Don’t worry about us! Make sure you and Shiloh are safe. When there’s no post, we know it’s for a good reason. I echo the above sentiment: Be safe…

  7. No apologies or explanations necessary, take whatever precautions are deemed appropriate to be prepared for the worst and hope for the better. Be safe…

    1. ditto. let shiloh see ya standing and watching calmly out the window a few times. does wonders with ours. they still don’t like it. fur picks up the static charge way better than we do. didn’t realize it till they zapped me once. they feel electromag way more. mayby wet shiloh’s fur with a washcloth?

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