1. Composting today.
    Consumption tomorrow.
    Soylent Green, Red,
    and other various choices in the market place.
    As everyone knows,
    the unseen hand is never wrong,
    and unquestionable in its infinite wisdom.

  2. wait doesn’t this just increase the concentration of glyphosate in the soil? are they going to provide classes of compost for organic farmers? doug b, you gotta weigh in on this one.

  3. Hmm… Imagine what Contessa Elizabeth Bathory de Ecsed could have accomplished in her brief lifetime if members of her court were this creative in their scientific thinking!

    1. i’m tellin y’all. it’s all playing into the disclosure where we all get hit with the meme that the devil’s been runnin everything for as far back as our limited cognitive skills go and now it’s childhood’s end or variations in that meme.

      and yeh i just gotta say it: soylent green is people!!!!!!!!!!!

      there. i got firsties.

      1. I almost went there. I really, really did. But I was also certain that someone would get there. Bradbury is on the brain since my son is now reading Something Wicked This Way Comes over summer break. I decided to leave Fahrenheit 451 off the menu for the moment because of all of this stuff. So, I chose Bathory instead…

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