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Famed UFO researcher Stanton Friedman is dead at 84:

As the article notes, Mr. Friedman made the Roswell UFO incident a matter of mainstream conversation. But this would not do justice to the full range of Mr. Friedman's contributions to ufology. In many ways, Mr. Friedman joined a very small list of people with the credentials and the research abilities to make the field respectable. In many ways he was the "father of modern ufology." The field has lost someone irreplaceable.


  1. Thanks for posting on Stanton Friedman’s transition. His work, papers, books, and later video presentations all represented laborious “homework” to present his findings. Despite often encountering, to use his phrase, “noisy-negativists,” who did most, if not all, of their presumptive critiquing through proclamation-not examining the evidence-simply, not listening to witness’s testimony about craft behaviour, design, and any interaction. Essentially, using another one of his phrases, “don’t bother me with the facts my mind is made up.” One will not mention their names as they’re akin to instigating unwelcome negative phenomenon during this time.

    One can recall some of his findings from the 70’s and 80’s onward. Always found them useful while active duty. His documented portions on secrecy were always very informative in how counterintelligence was carried out then and how it has evolved since regarding this field and others.

  2. Thanks for posting this Dr. F, we would likely not know about Roswell were it not for his and Don Berliner’s hard work in bringing the truth to light.

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