May 18, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

This was another one of "those weeks" in which it was very difficult to make final selections, and accordingly I'm posting some of the close calls here. As one might guess, many of them are related to space (including a few that don't seem to be):

For starters, S.R. noticed this story about Israel's failed Moon lander Bereshit, which apparently was carrying a library. The usual line that it was being done to help "preserve human civilization" (from what?) is put out, and while I don't discount the idea, I think it's also possible that the library was being put up there to... well, give people something to read...

A 30-million page library is heading to the moon to help preserve human civilization

H.B. spotted this story about how "excited" engineers are about putting tunneling machines on the Moon (with what? chemical rockets? Don't make me laugh):

Lunar tunnel engineers excited by boring Moon colonies

K.L. spotted this story about the Russians being successful in making gold "flat", which sounds a lot like they've made it "two dimensional" or something rather like an ORME, which, you might recall, are alleged to experience significant mass loss propertiesĀ  (oh those tricky Russkies... might this be why they're buying up so much gold? Along with China? And why Germany wants its gold back? And, did I mention, those countries all have space programs?....):

Russian scientists succeed in making gold "flat"

And speaking of gold, H.B. also noticed this oneĀ  (wait... the US Army academy at West Point is storing and guarding gold???):

The Only Gold The US Will Show: The "Working Vault" At West Point

And if you're following the glyphosate GMO story, M.W. spotted this one:

US EPA Says Glyphosate OK Despite Contrary Evidence https://journal-neo.org/2019/05/09/us-epa-says-glyphosate-ok-despite-contrary-evidence/

And B.H. spotted this one about a raid on Deutsche Bank, and a connection to the Panama Papers:

Police raid Deutsche Bank headquarters as part of Panama Papers money laundering investigation