America's heartland is experiencing record rains and flooding, Australia is baking and importing wheat(!), Europe is also baking from stalled systems, cities in India are trucking in water... and scholarships are being offered in weather modification. But there's something missing from the discussion:

"Hell Is Coming" Dangerous Heatwave Strikes Europe

North American Weather Modification Council


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  1. I had a thought about weather modification due to the weather-modifiers dumping heat into the atmosphere. Every time a HAARP-style ionosphere heater is used, whether it is to move something or stall something, there is energy deposited into the atmosphere which wasn’t there before. After the desired effect is obtained and the heater is shut off, the heat remains. Eventually, it diffuses into the greater atmosphere. I wonder how much of “global warming” is due to the ramp-up in use (probably by several countries) of HAARP-style ionosphere heaters?

  2. Dag from Ringerike

    I was listening to uk column this week and the editor, Mike Robinson, could reveal that the staff at The Guardian had been told not to use the terms “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” anymore. The new term the staff had to use is “Climate Crises”.

    Last year we were having this two months above normal temperatures during the summer of Northern Europe. The outcome was catastrophic for the farmers. All countries in Northern Europe had to import wheat and other grains (from Russia). Norway suffered immense. The grain production fell from about 40 % to 30 % to cover the yearly need for the cattle and bread.

    One of the climate alarmist in Sweeden told us last summer that you only have to look out through the window to understand that we were experiencing Global Warming. But Lars Bern at Sweedish Webtelevision, managed to dig up NASAs global mean temperature for July last year. And it showed that outside Northern Europe, the mean temperature was below normal. Looking at the Globe, Northern Europe is only a very, very small part.

    About weather modification. We are having two weather radar systems placed at Evje north of Kristiansand and the other at Hurum, 15 -20 km south of Oslo. You can see it in plain sight how those two radar systems manipulated precipitation the late 24 hours. This is done on a local level. I expect on the long term we will experiencing more cancer and DNA damage on the local population.,layerselected=15min

    Yes, I agree, there is a weather modification going on, locally and globally. Look what happened to Iran this early spring with flash flooding in nearly all provincies. And is there a connection between the S-400 and the Indian drought? We can speculate.

    All the Best, Dag.

  3. The information that Joseph quoted about Australia importing wheat is incorrect. Yes we have been in drought but it has been cattle fodder that has been affected, not wheat. Australia has never and will never import wheat.

    1. i have read and heard similar though about the wheat. most of what i saw was about how china’s going to be begging for wheat somewhere else as australia is not going to be shipping their usual surplus. does that sound cogent?

      1. Robert Barricklow

        Also in Lester Brown’s books he addresses that water intensive plants are really water being imported to other countries suffering water shortages. The larger in the imports in wheat, for example, mean importing large amounts of water.

  4. Folks, the bottom line is food production is headed for the greenhouse…geothermal if you can muster it.
    It’s very serious.
    Today I picked enough green beans for 2 servings from 4-2′ planters, triple rows each.
    Best get those container gardens in the house or garage for a cushion on the food costs…not to mention nutrition…follow the pot producers. ;D
    You can pick up some infra-red/blue spectrum bulbs very reasonably on Ebay. Just got a 2-5 lite goose neck floor lamps for that purpose.
    Can’t prep enough. ugh ;(

    1. Globalists are at war with the whole world. Now that they have begun to lose the political war and are losing ground on the financial side of their war as well as more nations dump the dollar; they may be ramping up their agricultural, weather, and bio war capability. And possibly on top of all this after the other three drain us, a conventional world war.

    2. yep you better get some acreage if you’re serious on food production. back when we were bringin in each year 10 gal black raspberry, 5 gal grape, elderberry, apples, 30 big squash, brussel sprouts, all sorts salad greens, cabbage,………………….. at our best i did the math and we got up to 2% of our total annual caloric intake from our yard. now we get eggs too. consider the chicken feed and soil amenities we import to keep all this going. so yeh, i’m grateful and braggin a little. i’m also more realistic. even vloggers like al lumnah are doing much better on much more acreage and have to recognize that they are nowhere near independent of the global food production systems. they’re just improving the quality. alot.

  5. these are all demonstrations of the detail and power of the engineering that these techs are capable of. a little understanding of electric nature of weather (naturally linked to the sun – unnaturally linked to metal chemtrailing, vapor generation and nexrad/wsrad and satellite maser applications) makes it much more plain to see. it’s all manmade and all carefully intentional. if anything the solar cycles would have it much cooler and cooling going.

  6. Not one to add a flash point to any “high octane speculations” but one might suggest to think *Gyres.* Especially, when [uneven heat distribution] is concerned. Extreme weather related events, although not anything new, do have an up tick in frequency, no revelations there, but since there is no correct climate to be had the argument rages on by alarmists and how they’ll take your money, property, and meager wealth and make it all better. Ridiculous! As you mentioned clearly, the experts do not know what exactly is going on.

    Neither do loud mouthed politicians posing as saviors to humanity when in party attire as financed surrogate comrades from elsewhere. Those boasting weather modification theories and technologies do not either, but they have several ideas in mind and in all likelihood need an increase in the brain trust of their specialties if not the hands-on help of data collection on a global scale. The more that technology allows an insight into the physical realm of earthly habitation the more one can observe the interaction between humankind and the biosphere – some natural and some in excess. The aforementioned is not anything new, either, or cause for alarm but should have regular acknowledgement of the potentials from all involved and realize that nomadic tribes and peoples have been on the move for many-many-many millennia because of *weather* related phenomena. Again, [no correct climate] but preferred hospitable weather conditions conducive to habitation and in support of the methods of survival. It is where huts become towns become cities where there are more dramatic changes as an influencer of environment comes to be seen.

    Since you mentioned ‘Accuweather’ they have several weather-map displays that might help with understanding something of what one can presently observe when one takes into consideration [uneven heat dissipation] and the means of transferring that heat around globally. One of them is their colored water vapor map. Today’s display is quite striking in how it shows gyres of dry air (in the oranges) and water vapor extremes (in the greens). This map is under the satellite section. Been monitoring them for years. Note the southwest off of Baja, California, and the northwest off of Vancouver, Canada on today’s (26Jun2019) water vapor map as one can see the interaction of atmospheric gyre and jet stream and how they manipulate the water laden air currents over the US. Accuweather has a great deal of data on its site for the casual observer and professional.

  7. Robert Barricklow

    Stalling like a Katrina Fix[the fix is in].
    No doubt some useless eaters[commodities/citizens] will reach their expiration dates, sooner than they anticipated.
    Manufactured hell is already here; it just hasn’t been evenly distributed.
    1947/when all hell took formalized structure…

    In The Week Magazine they had a contest on what short message to send aliens about Earth’s leadership:
    3rd place/May contain nuts.
    Actually, strange weather has been normalized; like other controlled phenomena/strange behaviors.
    How about – all over the solar system[Sun/experiments?]
    … and the rains run into polluted streams?
    … imported wheat = importing water
    The global weather result$ are in: Mi$$ion Accomplished!
    Is just the beginning…
    … of live-in-action weather manipulation experiments?
    Most of the experts are

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Oh no!
      There goes coke’s investment for privatizing India’s water.
      [Or, is their water safe?]
      Or, is this why India is stopping Huawei in its tracks?
      Are we witnessing covert weather wars? On who> Nation States; people; class, religions, or various targets in a multi-purpose operation.
      The Weather Council of War & Weather propaganda.

      … and soon, there will be no natural humans.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      The rest of the Week Contest on alien contact:
      2nd place: We’re destroying this planet. No help needed.
      1st place: Forget the Prime Directive: Please Help.

      1. Robert Barricklow

        By the bye,
        In The Atlantic July issue, splashed across it’s cover is:

        How Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Disappeared.

      2. what’s this we stuff kimosabe? i didn’t and am not destroying this planet. might wanna get a perspective on the eco footprint of a couple slightly larger organizations on this planet. like maybe the mic?

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Trite as it may be;
          “they’re” nearly always blaming the victim.
          Plus, in the same breath, telling us…
          it’s useless to fight them. A waste of energy.


  8. Detroit Dirt Bikes

    It’s looking like we’re in for an ordo ab chao rollout of some sort of decades old weather modification tech to save the day. We will undoubtedly be blamed for the cause and taxed for the solution. Once the cat’s out of the bag, the carrot and stick of international diplomacy will be squarely in supra-national H.A.N.Ds, and administered via non-terrestrial platforms. Have A Nice Day.

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