Tidbits of Conspiracy News


June 15, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

This was another of those weeks when the inbox was stuffed with many blog-worthy articles. Here's a few you many be interested in:

This early paper on geophysical warfare was shared by R.B., and it's quite important!

“How to Wreck the Environment” — MacDonald’s Blueprint for Modern Geophysical Warfare

This review of the "Arkancide timeline" is helpful, and it contains a healthy dollop of its own high octane speculation, shared by V.T.:

Another Cluster Of Mysterious Deaths! Arkansas Judge Seals Police Records On Murder Of Former Arkansas State Senator Who Was Allegedly Investigating CPS Child Trafficking Ring

C.V. shared these two articles, the first states that the California wildfires were sparked by a hammer (uh huh... what do you expect from CNN?) and the second states that PG&E might "proactively turn off people's electricity" since there is a fire danger:

Spark from hammer caused California's largest wildfire, agency says

PG&E Closely Monitoring Fire Danger Conditions in Northern California; Might Proactively Turn Off Power for Safety to a Number of Customers

M.W. spotted and shared this article about I.G. Farbensanto's plans for a seed factory in Chile:

Bayer building Latin America's largest seed factory in Chile

V.T. Spotted this one about Mad Madam Merkel's latest slither:

Merkel Admits: German Multiculturalism Has ‘Utterly Failed’