Tidbits of Conspiracy News


While we continue to get more rain than anyone including Noah though possible, here are this week's honorable mentions:

G.L.R. spotted this intriguing video:

TR-3B Anti-Gravity Spacecrafts

Just when you think Nuttyfornia couldn't possibly become any nuttier, there's this shared by CAF:

California Bill to Allow Prison Inmates To Decide Their Own Sex

And there's this explanation for it shared by V.T.:

California Is The Future The Liberal Elite Wants For You

G.K. spotted this article in which the Russians claim  to have a gravity weapon (but it is, after all Pravda, which is well known for making wild claims, like, "Purges? what purges?"):

Russian engineers develop world's most dreadful weapon - the graze Читайте больше на http://www.pravdareport.com/news/science/142447-gravity_weapon/

And in San Franfreakshow, Nuttyfornia, there's this:

Drugs, needles, feces and rats, oh my! Experience cocktails at a San Francisco bar while rats crawl around you

And V.T. spotted this op-ed about the political and cultural implications of having a predominantly stupid population:

America- Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

Was this the latest Arkancide?... or something else?

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  1. To tidbit on disaster capitalism, I just had a “Hmm” falling-in-place: I never could figure out the kerfuffle over the America-Mexico border. Cheap, exploitable labor came north, and farmers’ fields got picked cheaply. (Sucks in a ‘humanity’ way, but supply and demand. Sigh…) So, why the sudden push to shut-off this labor?

    My thought was that this was just another form of disaster capitalism. Destroy the supply-chain of cheap labor, and you have (artificially) created a disaster for those farmers. (I frequent a local strawberry farm which was hard-hit last season, because the laborers they seasonally depended-upon were not there. Much of their berries rotted in the fields.)

    This “destroying the supply-chain of cheap labor” benefits the financial bigwigs in two ways: First, marginal farmers will go bankrupt, allowing those bigwigs to buy-up their properties for pennies on the dollar. Second, the prices of various foods will skyrocket, producing raw profit for financial bigwigs hedging the market towards ‘trends’ known by only them. (This might give researchers a way of ‘tracking’ this form of disaster capitalism, like with the pre-9/11 profiteering…)

  2. feels like years ago watched a video of a hungarian truck driver working his way through refugee camp gauntlet enroute to calais.
    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=7TbblFHMwfk
    gives a certain flavor to reality on the streets.
    what was that phrase of weaponized immigration dogma? 70% military age males?

    now i’m seeing similar youtubes of skidrow in l.a. with titles about liberal leadership brings paradise. lots of youtubes bring that flavor again. read last week about cops testing positive for typhoid. they’re even finding it in their station houses. considering what they walk through daily, small wonder.

    and the meme carried through what coverage corporati give to it is that it’s all kinda optional and blame it on the drugs. if these people only had a little better morality. victim blaming. this didn’t happen in a vacuum.

  3. wow. worked with corrections folk a few years. from the anecdotal evidence, it would probably be better for guys to stay guys in prison. not sure bout the other way round. working female corrections is no joke.

  4. Robert Barricklow

    Loved the America – Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest!
    Absolutely takes the gloves off. Still, he doesn’t cover the buzzsaw issues like Chemtrails, 5G, weather disaster capitalism, etc.

    He must know; or, is he in the just plain dumb light.

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Speaking of dumb; where’s a ? mark on that last sentence?
      I blame my stupidity on those pesty algorithms.

    2. Robert Barricklow

      The chief problem in historical honesty is not outright lying. It is omission, or de-emphasis of important data.
      – Howard Zinn

    1. Robert Barricklow

      Related to the infamous Nelson Aldrich of Jekyll Island?
      [Where the Federal Reserve conspiracy was hatched.]
      These families have too many fingers in too many pot$.

      1. committee of three hundred. wonder if his brothers ever let him live down his downsized rockefeller life.

        reminds me of the movie highlander. given the resources available these folk feel immortal compared to the rest of us. one would think they might consider a few ways to maximize their good influence instead of just their influence. or as some have done, their bad influence. hard to understand that with all that time on their hands, they can’t figure a way or two to increase their power with good ideas?

        1. Robert Barricklow

          Imagine “them’ talking about their grandkids,

          Well, John’s having problems w/little Tommy.
          You see, little Tommy has a heart.

        2. ZDB, nice to remember the Highlander universe. Unlike the movies, the TV series got tired of only sword-fighting and “off with their heads.” They developed the characters over the years. Immortals divided into two ‘camps’: One that took pity on and tried to ease the lives of mortals, and one that viewed mortals as exploitable objects and were bad news. Hmmm. Somehow sounds familiar…

          1. what gets me on this recurrent theme in good vs evil is the inherent boredom in evil. imagine living forever. even young pups like us have gotten this a little. imagine doing evil. imagine doing good. which one is easier? more predictable? more cowardly? more boring? djya ever try to pay it forward. easily the most challenging idea i’ve ever experienced. an immortal doesn’t have to have pity on a mortal to do good. an immortal just has to need a break and be infinitely wise.

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