June 14, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Every now and then I run across an article in my in-box that I'm tempted to blog about, except that my ire and ranting would hardly improve on that in the article itself. This is a case in point:

SHOCK as Trump signs executive order that will end most regulations and oversight on genetically engineered food

Count me in this camp:

With Trump now seemingly siding with Monsanto / Bayer over the near-deregulation of genetically engineered foods, his second betrayal of health-conscious consumers will have many people asking what’s coming next. Will Trump promote Big Pharma’s mass drugging of children with psychiatric drugs? What corporate chemical horror will Trump back next?

In fairness, had Hillary Clinton been elected president, there’s no question she would have aggressively pushed GMOs and mandatory vaccines, all while covering up her own deep-rooted corruption and repeated abuses of government power. Regardless, those of us who care deeply about health freedom and clean food must now begin to question Trump’s authenticity as a candidate who promised to challenge the status quo and drain the swamp.

When it comes to science, there is no deeper or swampier swamp than the GMO industry and its long history of fake science, intimidation of journalists and payoffs to government regulators. By signing this executive order, Trump just poured more putrid swamp juice right into the swamp.

Trump has arguably stood against the establishment on many important issues, but if he’s going to blindly push GMOs and vaccines while utterly failing to take any decisive action against the coordinated tech censorship of independent media, he’s going to lose the election in 2020 as his former supporters lose faith in his proclaimed mission. None of us who supported Trump as an “outsider” in 2016 are going to feel compelled to vote for him again if he’s beholden to establishment corporate interests. And if he doesn’t solve the techno-fascism censorship issue before the 2020 election, he’ll lose it for that reason anyway.

If there is no candidate that gets people excited about the 2020 election, then intelligent people will stay home and not vote at all, in which case the Democrats win from the sheer numbers of fraudulent illegal left-wing voters, and America will collapse into San Francisco-like conditions of high taxation, human feces running in the city streets, and an authoritarian police state that controls what you are allowed to think, speak, watch or share. This is the overt goal of the left-wing fascists who currently run the tech monopolies that dominate online speech. They have already demonstrated they have zero respect for individual liberty, freedom of speech or the rule of law.

As far as I'm concerned, you can add me to that group increasingly tempted to return to my non-voting status. I only ended my embargo because I was so thoroughly repulsed by Hillary and the Bolshecrats that my 2016 vote was a vote against her and them, rather than for Trump and the do-nothing Republicans. But as I watch a slew of states passing "anti-Semitism" laws banning any criticism of Israel, and watch the Neocons taking over his administration and foreign policy, it's becoming a temptation again.

But beyond that, there's something in this article that sent chills through me, and it should you too. Again, I cannot improve on the concern expressed here:

Even though Trump is far from an “establishment” Republican, to the frustration of health-conscious Americans, he just signed an executive order that might as well be called “the GMO Streamlining Act.” As reported by the Associated Press, this executive order directs federal agencies to reduce or eliminate regulations and oversight mechanisms that might help ensure the safety of genetically engineered crops.

In other words, President Trump just ordered the federal government to turn American into a massive GMO experiment where anything goes. “The move comes as companies are turning to newer genetic engineering techniques that make it easier to tinker with the traits of plants and animals,” reports AP, meaning that regulations are being dropped at exactly the moment in history when easy, low-cost genetic modification methods such as CRISPR are rapidly emerging, placing GE technology into the hands of small companies and even determined individuals. (Italicized emphasis added)

Enough is en0ugh, Mr. President. I didn't vote for taking the entire Federal budget black; I didn't vote to allow Israel to run roughshod over our first amendment rights nor to control our foreign policy, and I sure as heck did not vote for an unregulated GMO industry. I still waver, but there's one issue if you waver on, I'm gone, because I'm already hanging by a thread.

See you on the flip side...