July 19, 2019 By Joseph P. Farrell

Something very odd happened this week in my email inbox: I received a swarm of emails all about "things going wrong" all over the world, and for a moment, I was tempted to put them all into this week's "honorable mentions" blog on Saturday. But I can't avoid the intuition - and it's nothing more than an intuition - that all these weird stories might somehow be related. The how is of course, the problem. I've decided to call these "glitches ex machina" because, as always, we're told that all of this is due to that now well-known gremlin in the systems, or, to put it differently, we're simply being told nothing at all, other than it's all due to the "technical glitch gremlin."

With that in mind, T. M. spotted this article about the last-minute delay of the launch of India's lunar Chandrayaan-2 lander which was put on hold due to - and I quote - a "technical glitch":

India's Chandrayaan-2 moon mission called off minutes before launch

Then, G.B. sent along this article from RT which states that Europe's Global Positioning Satellites were offline for "several days" due to "a technical incident" which, with somewhat more candor, the Europeans are saying was "related to its ground infrastructure":

‘Technical incident’ puts Europe’s GPS system fully offline for days

And by the way, there was also a power blackout in Manhattan on the anniversary of the 1977 blackout, according to this story shared by "B":

Manhattan Goes Dark: Major Power Outage Hits NYC On Anniversary Of 1977 Great Blackout

Let's not forget, according to this story shared by E.G., that earthquakes are occurring at three times their normal incidence along the volatile Pacific rim:

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal

And lookie lookie, many of them, as I've pointed out previously, are concentrated around American black projects research sites, and some of them have been "knocked off line" (map courtesy of K.S.), note the cluster of quakes around China lake and Nellis AFB in Nevada:

Earthquake map

And R.B. spotted this story about the China Lake base being declared not mission capable:

China Lake naval base declared ‘not mission capable’ after earthquakes, but weapons and ammunition are secure

Now of course, all the earthquakes around the Pacific rim could be entirely natural. And Manhattan blackouts have happened before. And there have been "technical glitches" as well. But with respect to each one of these, one could advance the speculation that none of them may be entirely natural. As I've commented before about the strange weather, given the fact that there is such a high amount of weather modification technologies in play, one has to conclude, as does Elana Freeland, that there is no such thing any more as completely natural weather. That's not to say that the weather engineering results are exactly what "they" wanted, the point being that the capability is there, is being used, and hence, once cannot a prior anymore rule out that the results are to some degree intentional. The same with earthquakes: the uptick in the number of earthquakes in an earthquake prone region is not unusual, but with concentrations of quakes around black projects sites and military bases, one cannot a priori rule out the possibility that similar geophysical engineering technologies are being used in some vast geophysical engineering, or warfare, agenda, with the rest of the activity being "collateral damage" from the use of such systems. In short, in the "Farrell Corollary" to the "Freeland Hypothesis", there is no such thing as completely natural geophysical events - such as earthquakes - any more either. The events may be the natural blowback or collateral damage of a technology, but the point is, a technology is in use, somewhere (at least, in my opinion).

Now, if you're willing to crawl out that far with me on the twig of high octane speculation, then we turn to blackouts, GPS satellites going offline, and lunar probes being delayed, due to "technical incidents", the European cousin of the "technical glitch" branch of the gremlin family. The Europeans have been the most  forthcoming on their GPS satellite shut down, implying some sort of ground-to-space problem, which, given the natural of the systems involved, could be computer-related, or electromagnetic in nature (signals being jammed, and so forth), or some combination of both. The satellites may have been hacked, or some sort of electromagnetic interference may have been in play. And one might hazard a guess that this might have happened to Chandrayaan-2 as well.

So let's make the assumption for the sake of argument that all these "glitches ex machina" are not isolated and merely coincidental events, but somehow related. What's the one thing they all have in common? Answer: they're all, in some form or fashion, electrodynamic systems, i.e., they are able to be manipulated electromagnetically, if one but has the technology to do so. And to pursue this speculation, then what might be going on? If this speculation is true, then someone is engaged in some sophisticated geophysical warfare, and perhaps several parties, both the "usual players" and perhaps "someone else." Part of it might be "disaster capitalism", and someone "shooting back" because of collateral damage caused thereby to their own countries. It's intriguing to note, that as all these events were occurring within more or less the same time frame, that French President and rootless cosmopolitan technocrat Emanuel Macron has now come out with his own call for a French "space force." Perhaps it's not related at all to what's going on, perhaps it is, but I just thought it worth "tossing in there".

But that, for whatever it's worth, is my take (at least for the moment) on all these strange glitches ex machina...

See you on the flip side...